Woman showing off her underarm.

If you constantly struggle with dark underarms, you’re not alone. Your underarm area is extra sensitive, and shaving, waxing, and plucking can cause it to darken even further. That’s why it’s important that you have a dedicated underarm skincare routine. Take extra care of your underarm skin by using products that are conducive to underarm brightening.

An innovative two-in-one product, Dove’s Intensive Renew Deodorant Dry Serum can help care for your underarms without compromising protection against sweat and odor. Here are just some of the things this wonder product can do (hint: it does so much more than remedy your maitim na kili-kili concerns:

It Gets Absorbed Deeply into Your Skin

Forget everything you know about deodorants. Dove’s new product is also a serum, which is known for delivering ingredients deep into the skin. It’s designed specifically to penetrate the layers of your skin to help nourish and renew your underarms.

It Promises Your Underarms a Collagen Boost

There’s a reason collagen is a favorite skincare ingredient. It doesn’t just help reduce fine lines, but also maintains the skin’s elasticity. Think of it as a moisturizer for dark underarms! It's not exactly a remedy for underarm chicken skin. However, collagen is a key component to helping smooth and refine your underarms.

It Protects You from Odor and Sweat

Underarm skincare products should do more than address skin concerns. This roll-on for dark underarms is is still a deodorant. Its basic function involves keeping your underarms dry and smelling fresh all day. Say goodbye to putok sa kili-kili. Since it’s formulated with serum technology, this means you don’t have to keep your arms up and wait to change your clothes since the deo is fast-drying.

It Comes in Three Variants

Not everyone has the same underarm concerns, which is why Dove came out with three different variants for their deo serum. If your primary concern is underarm brightening, try the Removes Underarm Dark Marks variant, which contains vitamin B3 that helps minimize dark marks and reduce pigmentation.

If you’re worried about enlarged pores, try the Minimizes Underarm Pores variant, which contains vitamin E that helps reduce skin damage and moisturize dry areas. But if your problems are chicken skin and fine lines, use the Smoothens And Firms Underarm Skin variant, which has omega-6 that can help smooth out skin.