A woman with her arms raised while wearing a white tank top

There are so many misconceptions about underarm “chicken skin” that bring unnecessary shame to any woman who may find themselves with it. It’s like all women are expected to have – and if you don’t have perfect skin in that area, then you should stay away from forever. It doesn’t help that popular media and advertisements perpetuate this wrong idea that ladies are more attractive and beautiful if they keep this skin condition at bay.

But don’t fret! We’re here to debunk all those preconceived notions towards imperfect-looking underarms and why you shouldn’t be too self-conscious about it.

 Anyone Can Have It

“Chicken skin” is described as having or pimples that pop up when dead skin cells clog hair follicles. This can also happen when skin with hair gets pulled during plucking or . And guess what? No one is exempted from getting this condition on the underarms! Everyone has equal chances of having it, even your favorite celebrities and influencers! If you find these bumps on your underarms, don’t panic because it’s a natural biological occurrence among women, and even men. 

 It Doesn’t Mean You Have Bad Hygiene

This skin condition is not because you don’t regularly take a bath or use . These can still appear even if you shower twice a day or use the most expensive body wash, soap, or deodorant. In fact, using products with strong causes "chicken skin" on your armpits. They have the tendency to block hair follicles or irritate existing small cuts caused by waxing and plucking. The build-up of keratin, the protein that promotes hair growth, can also clog the pores resulting in pesky bumps. 

Most People Won’t Even Notice It

Chicken skin in your underarms is small bumps that are barely noticeable unless people have their face-up in your pits! So, don’t hesitate to buy that sleeveless blouse or sport a tank top when going out on a hot day! Just make sure to use a like the Dove Intensive Renew Dry Serum Collagen + Vitamin E. Like taking care of the skin on your face, the and in this deo help take care of your underarm skin by keeping it moisturized and accelerating skin renewal.

Women don’t have to ascribe to societal standards on the “ideal” body, including the issue of “chicken skin.” It shouldn’t stop you from feeling good about yourself and if you love sporting those tank tops, then by all means, do it! If you enjoy reading this, check more articles on BeautyHub.PH for more inspirational pieces.