Woman stretching her arms, exposing her underarms.

Interest in the underarm diamond peel is at an all-time high. The treatment is supposedly so quick, pain-free, and low-stakes that you can have it during your lunch break. But do you really need precision-cut crystals to buff away dark marks on your ‘pits? Below, we break down the benefits of the procedure and what to expect.

What Does Diamond Peel Do?

A diamond peel involves using a diamond-tipped wand attached to a suction pump. As the device glides across the underarm, abrasive diamond particles loosen the and impurities, encouraging natural cell renewal. Meanwhile, the suction head clears out any debris. 

The dual-action mechanism works to improve texture, tone, and overall health of the skin. It also helps promote better blood circulation and increase , which gives your skin that radiant, pinkish glow.

Can a Diamond Peel Whiten Underarms?

Yes, but the results are not as dramatic as you may think. It’s not going to magically turn snow-white in one session. Nothing can. That said, the procedure can reduce dark spots around your armpit area over time by removing the outermost layer of the epidermis. It also helps smoothen fine lines, soothe irritation from , and remove . Think of it as a 4-in-1 treatment.

If is your goal, a series of underarm diamond peels and a consistent underarm care routine can help address discoloration faster. However, it’s important to note that the treatment doesn’t treat genetic pigmentation disorders or those caused by certain medications.

Before taking your chances, ask your dermatologist to assess your skin. They will establish a personalized treatment plan with appropriate intervals between sessions to minimize the risk of side effects.

Is Underarm Diamond Peel Safe?

A diamond peel is relatively quick and painless. The entire process takes no more than 30 minutes with minimum downtime, so you can schedule it during your lunch break or between chores.

Since there are no chemicals involved, the treatment won’t leave your skin flaking or burning. Some may experience minor redness, but this typically subsides within a few minutes. Plus, you’re not required to prep or change your routine before and after visiting the clinic. You’re free to use a deodorant and go about your day.

However, individuals with open wounds, active infections, or dermatitis in the underarm area should wait until their skin has healed before getting a diamond peel. Likewise, those who have diabetes or compromised immune systems should opt out of this treatment to avoid skin complications.

What to Expect From an Underarm Diamond Peel Procedure

As with all beauty treatments, the session begins with a skin evaluation conducted by a certified professional. Once done, you’ll proceed to these following steps:

Cleansing the underarm skin.

The practitioner gently removes any traces of sweat, oil, and products on your armpits using a mild cleanser and a sponge. They may massage the area to relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow. Some places also steam the underarms, which helps open up the pores and soften the skin.

Scrubbing away impurities.

Now comes the diamond peel. You’ll feel the pen-like device gliding across your underarms. It’s normal to feel a delicate scratching sensation, though it shouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful. You can always ask the aesthetician to adjust the pressure as people have different tolerance levels.

Applying cold compress to soothe redness.

After exfoliation, a cooling mask or compress is applied to the skin. This helps relieve redness and swelling. A hydrating cream will also be applied to the underarms to restore the skin’s balance and .

Sun protection and aftercare are a must.

The axilla region is very sensitive to post-peel. For this reason, don’t forget to put a broad-spectrum sunscreen all over your underarms and reapply every two hours if you’re spending extended periods outdoors.

Before slathering sunscreen on your underarms, apply Dove Radiant + Care Deodorant Dry Serum 3% Niacinamide 10x Omega 6 Pore Smoothener to protect your kili-kili from sweat and unpleasant odor. The lightweight formula dries almost instantly and smells fresh on the skin. The cherry on top? It delivers an extra boost of collagen, 3% niacinamide, and 10x omega 6 to help refine and firm up your underarm texture.

In addition to sun and sweat protection, aftercare includes avoiding harsh chemicals and skipping exfoliation for a few days. Other than that, you can return to your usual activities without a hitch.

Are you interested in getting an underarm diamond peel? Make sure to have it done at a reputable clinic and when in doubt, consult your dermatologist before trying new treatments.