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If you're still experiencing or despite consistently using , you may be doing it wrong. Once you’ve ruled out the possibility that you may have hyperhidrosis or an underlying condition that causes BO (consult your doctor), check out these common mistakes people make when using deodorant. How many are you guilty of?

You’re Not Using the Right Product

Are you using deodorant when you need an antiperspirant? Or maybe you need both? Deodorant and antiperspirant are not interchangeable. The main function of an antiperspirant is to reduce perspiration. It does this by temporarily plugging the sweat glands in the outer layer of the skin. It’s ideal for individuals who experience excessive underarm sweating, which can be dyahe. Deodorants, on the other hand, are formulated to fight or cover up body odor.

You’re Putting Too Little Product

The amount of deodorant required depends on your . If your deodorant doesn’t seem to work, try applying just a tad more. Generally, two or three swipes should be enough. Start at the center of the armpit — on clean, dry skin — and work your way outwards. Be careful not to put too much, as this may lead to irritation and discomfort. The best time to use deodorant is at night . However, many people feel more confident about it when applied in the morning. That’s fine, too.

Not Letting It Dry Before Putting on Clothes

Having a entails planning and strategy. If you're wondering how to use deodorant the right way, apply it first thing after getting out of the shower. This way, it has time to dry while you do your skin care or . Make sure it’s completely dry and no longer sticky before putting on clothes, or it will transfer onto the fabric. It may also feel uncomfortable, especially with roll-on formulas.

Reapplying It on Sweaty Pits

Using deodorant on sweaty pits is a huge no-no. First, gross. Second, it just doesn’t work. You have to apply deodorant on clean, dry skin. This gives it time to work and your skin to absorb it. It’s not a product that offers an instant remedy to BO. It’s a preventive measure, so it’s best to apply it before exercising, and then again after showering. Never apply it on sweaty skin. This will make it less effective. Moreover, the formula or fragrance could interact with bacteria and chemicals on your skin and result in body odor.

Not Considering the Formula

Many people grew up with roll-on deodorants and are comfortable with them. Some are afraid that switching formulas or brands may not be effective or result in or other skin issues. However, several in the market are worth exploring. These include stick deodorants, spray deodorants, serum deos, and powders.

If you don’t like waiting, try a dry stick formula. If you prefer a deodorant with other benefits, such as skin brightening, use a serum that incorporates those. Rexona Advanced Brightening + Anti Stain Dry Serum Deodorant has both brightening and anti-stain benefits. It contains sunflower oil, vitamin E, vitamin F, and vitamin C to soothe the skin and . Plus, you can rest assured it won’t leave marks on your clothes, either.

Using deodorant should make your life easier — not add hassle. Don’t miss out on the most ideal formula for your lifestyle and personal needs. Explore your options and, most important of all, follow the usage instructions for best results.