The idea of chunky highlights might make you cringe, thanks to memories of Ginger Spice’s fiery red streaks and other nineties shenanigans. The new version of the style, however, departs from its old-school grungy roots. The update looks fresher and less intense than the original. So much so that even non-popstars can pull it off.

That said, don’t rush to the supermarket to buy a box of bleach. Coloring your hair at home almost always comes with a risk, especially if you’ve been googling “How to do chunky highlights without foil.” Save yourself from the tragedy of a botched dye job. The best way to rock this dual-toned trend is to share pegs with your hairstylist and let them work their magic.

Black with Blonde Highlights

Ah, the skunk hair. For the uninitiated (looking at you, ), it was the defining hairstyle of the late ‘90s and early 2000s – made iconic by pioneers like Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne. Fast forward to today, it re-enters the orbit with a color block effect. You can see the white panels against the jet-black base more clearly now. Suffice it to say that it’s reserved for the rebels who are .

Peekaboo Hair

If you want a pop of color without going overboard, you can flirt with the chunky highlights trend by dyeing only the bottom sections of your hair. It’s a safe-for-work way to showcase your playful side. Plus, the vibrant hue peeks out every time your hair sways, creating an eye-catching allure that surprises those around you.

Just the Bangs, Please

Dyed bangs are the latest TikTok fad to appear on every style maven’s radar. It’s not hard to see why. Much like the peekaboo hair, this iteration of chunky highlights allows you to go crazy colors without fully committing to an all-over . Another advantage is upkeep doesn’t require a lot of effort and money. And when you’re ready for a brand-new look, just chop off the fringe and take a seat on the salon chair.

Neon Roots

Forget – brightly colored roots are in. The head honcho of this trend is none other than Billie Eilish with her ruby red crown. You’re free to do it like hers or opt for other striking hues, from orange to baby pink.

Obviously, the neon roots are not for the fainthearted. It requires serious maintenance since the colors can fade faster with regular washing and exposure to sunlight. Use TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo with anti-fade technology to help the vibrant hues last longer between touch-ups. This shampoo has jojoba oil that leaves your strands soft and shiny while protecting your dye job.

High-Contrast Money Piece

Whether you have or , a “money piece” can instantly launch you to star status, thanks to an IDGAF coolness unrivaled by other chunky highlights. The key is to match the shade to your skin’s undertone. Warm colors such as sunset and rose-pink complement . If you have a cool undertone, stick to purple and blue hues.

Soft, Dimensional Highlights

Kelly Clarkson’s Thankful-era stripy hair might make your toes curl, but Kylie Jenner’s brown hair chunky highlights are serving glam with capital G. The secret? It’s all about combining sandy blonde highlights with chocolate brown lowlights to create a subtle yet impactful payoff. If you want to copy Jenner’s look, ask your colorist for a ribboning.

Scandinavian Highlights

A TikTok invention you shouldn’t miss out on, specifically if you’re currently rocking blonde hair, is the Scandi hairline. The technique involves lightening a very small section of hair closest to your face. This type of ultra-bright highlights adds a bright, halo-like effect around your face, which makes you look ethereal.

Take note that bleached hair often , sometimes without proper care. To prevent this from happening, wash your mane with TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo. It uses violet pigments to neutralize bright yellow tints and help preserve blonde shades. In addition, it also features Micro-Conditioning technology, which helps moisturize and nourish your strands.

Dare to get chunky highlights? Choose a style that speaks to your soul and go have fun playing with different colors. Now, let’s bring back raccoon tail hair.