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Graying hair is a fact of life. Not only is there no escape, but there are no proven treatments to reverse it. However, there are ways to cope. First, you have to — a journey that requires a lot of upkeep. The second is dyeing your hair, which is relatively easy to do by yourself or with a hairstylist. But what do you do when your hair grows out and gray roots start showing?

What Causes Graying Hair?

Hair grows out of hair follicles in the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. The hair root, which sprouts from the bottom of the , is made of protein cells and nourished by nearby blood vessels. Its pigment comes from cells inside melanocytes – cells inside the follicle. They contain melanin, which is distributed to the hair and gives it its color.

As you age, melanocytes start to die. When pigment is no longer released, hair can become gray, white, or even transparent. Apart from age, genetics and stress also play a key role in the development of graying hair, according to the National Institutes of Health.

How to Cover Your Graying Hair

If you use , then you know how short-lived that full coverage look lasts. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair can grow about 1/2 inches every month. However, this growth doesn’t suddenly appear as half an inch of new gray hair at the end of the month. You might see gray roots a week or two from getting a dye job.

You can easily cover graying hair with TRESemmé Root Touch-up Spray, a handy new product that provides instant root coverage. This lightweight formula dries in seconds without leaving any residue, so the color looks refreshed. Plus, it’s opaque enough to cover graying hair and roots. Every spray lasts until the next time you wash your hair, making it the perfect treatment in between salon sessions. Are you worried about matching? TRESemmé Root Touch-up Spray comes in three variants: Black, Dark Brown, and Light Brown.

Designed for convenience, it works the way you would use hairspray. Wash your hair and dry thoroughly. Then, take the can and shake well. Hold it six to eight inches from the graying hair and spray. 

Doing this instead of coloring your entire head of hair again saves the ends of your strands from damage. It’s a less expensive, quick fix for covering up graying hair.

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