A young Asian woman with e-girl aesthetic makeup and bubble braids

The internet has given birth to a lot of things, from the concept of binge-watching to the e-girl aesthetic. If you scroll through TikTok long enough, you’ll inevitably spot girls who look straight out of a cartoon. But what is an e-girl, exactly?

E-girls belong to a subculture that combines various styles like the ’90s preppy look, K-pop, and Harajuku style into one. Think of Clueless’ Cher Horowitz meets Harley Quinn –it’s serving girl crush and cutesy looks.

It’s not hard to distinguish e-girls from other internet personas like VSCO or coquette girls. She stands out because of her playful hairstyles. Even BLACKPINK and Doja Cat stick to this grunge-y yet doll-like aesthetic, so you know it’s here to stay. Get TikTok-ready and enter the e-girl scene with these hairstyles.

The Powerpuff Girls Highlights

“Sugar, spice, and everything nice” perfectly encapsulates this e-girl aesthetic. With the Powerpuff Girls renaissance around the corner, no time is better to transform into one of these superpowered sisters. Pick between neon green, pinkish red, and pastel blue highlights.

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Peek-a-boo Hair

If you prefer a more low-key e-girl aesthetic, this hair gives the right edge to your everyday style. Students and professionals can get away with this inconspicuous dye job. It’s also an opportunity to try out different shades without too much commitment. Plus, it’s low maintenance. Once it has faded, you can re-dye your peek-a-boo highlights with a different shade.

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Split Dye

Indecisive queens who want to radiate the main character vibe can give this hairstyle a go. The possibilities are endless. You can combine colors of your choosing. You’re free to be Cruella de Vil with the black-and-white pairing or let the world know whom you stan with a black-pink combo (ha!). However, take note that the half-and-half dye job is high maintenance. Wash your hair separately to prevent smudging the colors together.

’90s Pigtails

The e-girl aesthetic can make you look 10x cuter without breaking the bank! All you need is some hair ties to recreate this hairdo. Go for low pigtails to emulate an innocent look. Add more drips by using and colorful elastics to make it more Rodrigo and less Pippi Longstocking. If you’re feeling rather saucy, bring those ponies up and secure them with some bobby pins for volume. Style them with braids when you have time to spare!

UwU Cat Ears

Are you dressing up as an e-girl for the ? Then, you must follow this aesthetic’s makeup and hairstyle down to a tee. You don't need to dye your hair the day before. Create two thin braids and twist one to resemble a cat's ear. Secure it with bobby pins and clamp the cat ear with a straightener to make it pointy. Do the same steps on the opposite side. As for the makeup, a sharp cat eye and wispy lashes should do the trick.

Your style can be as complex or simple as you want. It’s an extended version of you and should make you feel confident. You may occasionally feel tempted to live bolder and take on the e-girl aesthetic. When that day comes, re-create these hair inspos and wear your heart on your cheek!