Billie Eilish wearing a middle part holding Grammy Awards.

Do you identify as a millennial? Time has flown by so quickly. Now, a new generation runs social media and dictates the hottest trends: Gen Z. This generation’s style choices – including selfie poses – are edging out what was once cool.

With smartphones and apps at their disposal, it’s no wonder that Gen Z has mastered the art of posing for today’s social media selfies. Incredibly high camera angles and duck faces are out, and more level-headed angles and natural light are in. These elements also do wonders for your hair for a great hair day!

Stay ahead of the times and take cues from Gen Z’s social media selfie poses.

Part Your Hair in the Middle

When social media revealed that Gen Z (or Zoomers) on TikTok were making fun of millennials for insisting on a side part, the news that the met mixed reactions. After all, millennials grew up thinking the cachupoy hairstyle was awesome with the '90s’ cutest heartthrobs sporting them (Devon Sawa and Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, anyone?), and then uncool (before it became cool again in the late 2010s, mainly thanks to K-Pop).

Where did this trend start? It all began when a TikTok user named Miss Lady Gleep pronounced, “Prove me wrong, but I don’t think there’s anyone who looks better with a side part than they do with a middle part.” Gen Z TikTokers argue that the middle part looks more natural and universally flattering, and they could be on to something! After all, Cher wore her long, luscious locks on Sonny and Cher in the ‘70s right down the middle.

Wondering how to rock the middle-part pose as a true Gen Z would? The key is to make your hair as luscious and shiny as possible to add more drama to the middle part. won’t do as they would make your hairstyle look boring. Like Dua Lipa, you can even pair your middle part with strong brows to update the look.

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Line Your Camera Lens to Your Collarbone

Are you guilty of placing your camera at an incredibly high level to reduce the appearance of your chin and make your face appear thinner? Although effective, this trick also distorts your body, which many Gen Z youths frown upon.

Gen Z is all about the candidness of a photo. Everything must be done as low-key and nonchalantly as possible, including selfie poses. Because they don’t have to deal with limited film and the hassles of having that film developed, they can take hundreds to thousands more selfies – allowing them to be a little more experimental.

Opt for a more natural angle by positioning the camera lens at a lower level, such as by the collarbone. It translates to a more realistic view of your body without unusual proportions.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Is the sun out? Then it’s time to take a selfie! One of the oldest tricks in the book, is one of the best ways to illuminate a photograph. Because they love spontaneous, less-filtered posts on social media, they want to be able to bask in the natural glow of the sun’s rays– while picking out the perfect music to pair with their video! Golden hour, or that time in the afternoon just before sunset is a great time – the sun’s UV rays are gentler during this time, and the light looks flattering on everyone.

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Add Movement to Your Selfies

Maybe it has to do with Gen Z’s penchant for video formats, but they love movement even in still photos – like they were captured at the moment. Rather than pose still for photos, try playing with your hair or shaking your head. Use your phone’s Burst Mode to nail that movement in pictures or take a hi-resolution video and screen capture your favorite moments.

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Try these selfie poses if you want to be a hit with the cool Gen Z kids, but if these aren’t your thing, go ahead and do what highlights your locks best.