Asian woman taking a selfie by the window

The perfect selfie reminds your followers of your awesomeness. But if you’re like everyone else, you know it takes about 100 tries and 45 different angles to get the perfect shot. The secret to getting it right in fewer snaps? Good light. Here are some room lighting ideas for your next post.

Find Some Natural Light

Natural light brings out your best features. look good because you mostly take them outside, where you get the sun's full blessing. If you absolutely need to take a selfie, go to the nearest garden or stand near a window.

Wait for the Golden Hour

If you want your skin and face to look snatched, wait for the golden hour to take a selfie. Photographers rush to meet it. The golden hour is the last hour before sunset or the first hour before sunrise. Start taking selfies when this warm, universally flattering light starts to fill your room.

Hang Up Some Fairy Lights

Even the coldest of hearts melt at the sight of fairy lights. These pretty lights are soft. They twinkle. They create the most magical ambiance that also looks good in photos. You can include the lights themselves in the photo for an “aesthetic selfie,” or you can just bask in their enchanting glow. 

Face the Light Source

When taking portraits, check that the lighting is balanced from all angles to avoid any odd or harsh shadows. It also smoothens any and gives the illusion of an . The same is true for selfies. If you can’t have multiple light sources to illuminate you like you’re in a studio, just pick one. Make sure it’s at your eye level and that you’re facing it directly. You could also use a selfie ring light to complement the ambient sources.

Play with Shadows and Shade

Lighting is not complete without shade. Create a more dramatic image by utilizing available shadows: from the window, some plants, even your sinampay. Use your imagination. You don't have to be 100% bathing in light. A little mystery can do your selfie some good.

When you’re getting the best light, ensure your skin is at its most mochi, radiant state. Use POND's Triple Glow Serum to brighten your complexion with and instantly give you that glass skin look. Don’t forget your arms, neckline, and shoulders. Apply Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Dewy Radiance for even and hydrated skin.

Try these room lighting ideas when you take your next selfie or, better yet, as they say, be the light. You are fabulous — illuminated or not — and don’t you forget it.