There’s no shortage of Halloween costume inspirations from classic horror films. And if you’re only half as invested in dressing creepy, you could even just get hairstyle ideas from their main characters. Check out this list of hair-centric looks that are sure to turn heads (not 360, hopefully) this season.

Strawberry Pixie From Rosemary’s Baby

Ah, Rosemary. Mia Farrow’s iconic steals the spotlight in this movie adaptation of a 1967 novel by Ira Levin. You don’t have to be waifish to pull it off, either. Most hairstylists and skilled enough to tailor this hairstyle to any face shape or hair texture. If you’re looking for hairstyle ideas for short hair, consider getting this cut for a fresh new look. Not keen on getting a ? Throw on a straw blonde wig and you’re good to go.

Pinned Side-Part From Misery

hairpinKathy Bates’ performance as bipolar fan girl Annie Wilkes is as iconic as they come – and so is her conservative, goody-two-shoes hairstyle. In the 1990 film, Bates wears her impeccably styled hair in a deep side part, held in place with a simple . It’s easy enough to recreate on your own (just use lots of )! Finish off the look with an outfit that screams lumberjack-chic-meets-cottage-core.

Long and Black From The Ring

The Ring gave viewers some traumatic imagery to chew on, including Sadako/Samara (depending on which version you watched) crawling out of a CRT TV. In the scene, the vengeful spirit rocks one of the easiest Halloween hairstyle ideas: long black hair. You can achieve the look by clipping hair extensions toward the front of your face or simply combing your real hair forward. Straighten it with a flat iron and grunge it up with some mousse.

Grungy Bob From The Craft

Fairuza Balk’s Nancy Downs is one of the most loved characters in the horror genre. She also nails the goth witch aesthetic best, and it all starts with a good head of hair. The base is a short bob with bangs, but when tousled and styled, it’s giving Robert Smith circa 1980s. Simply tease the roots to get more volume and set with . Finally, give it that greasy finish with a bit of moldable wax.

Flower Crowns From Midsommar

The flower crown aesthetic gets a dark twist when Florence Pugh wears it in Midsommar, a movie about a couple traveling to celebrate the summer solstice only to fall prey to a pagan cult. Of all the hairstyle ideas, this has the most creative potential. You can make a colorful, tropical headdress, or a gothic one with dark orchids and moss.

Platinum Wigs From Village of the Damned

Do you own a silvery-white wig with ? Style it like the children’s hairstyles in Village of the Damned. Make sure the wig is silky (not frizzy), by straightening it with a flat iron. Curl the ends inward with the same tool. Do the same for the bangs. As for your outfit, throw on a white turtleneck and any gray dress or vest. Creepy contact lenses are a bonus!

Innocent Ribbons From Orphan

Black ribbons will never go out of style – just look at the runways and your favorite K-Pop idol’s Instagram. For Halloween, you can wear them as sinister accessories just like Orphan’s Esther, who wrapped them around kiddie pigtails and used them as ‘90s-esque chokers.

Brady Braids From Suspiria

Dakota Johnson is always hair goals, but in the 2018 remake of Suspiria, her red, Marcia Brady-like locks (sans her iconic bangs!) take center stage. It’s super easy to recreate with a long, one-length red wig or your natural hair colored in a . Blow-dry the hair but don’t make it too sleek and part it in the middle. Make a single, low braid and swing it over to one side. Finish the look with a gray sweatshirt and you’re Halloween-ready!

Red and Receding From It

Want next-level hairstyle ideas? Try doing a full cosplay of characters from beloved horror movies, like It. Becoming Pennywise, for example, requires wearing a bald cap to raise your hairline to unnatural proportions, or simply wearing a wig for a hair-centric look. Style it with a matte wax for a textured hold. Don’t forget to pile on your makeup to complete the look.

Wild Extensions From Exte

The horror of is never ending in Japanese film Exte, where they cause more than just breakage and split ends. Since it’s a hair horror movie, it serves many amazingly terrifying looks, one of which is that of a woman seemingly pinned to the ceiling by her weave.

Like these hairstyle ideas? Before recreating them, prep with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo, which has five flower essences that make the hair smoother and easier to style. Finish with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to polish your look or mess it up with hairspray and wax. Of course, it’s a good idea to watch the films before deciding on your look – which of these speak to your soul?