Portrait of a women dressed as a witches on gray background with cutout bats hanging

Do you love Halloween or do you skip the holiday and go straight to Christmas? Both events are great for getting dolled up, and nothing sparks creativity like a good costume party. Whether for an All Hallows Eve party or a trick-or-treat event, coming up with a costume can be daunting. Here are some hair-centric costume ideas to make your life easier.

1. Princess Updos

If you love dressing up but would rather not frighten friends away, style yourself as a princess for a quick and easy look. After all, who doesn't have hair and makeup at the ready for getting all glammed up? All you need – a hair donut, elastics, some pins, styling products, and a blue headband. You can add more drama by adding bedazzled hair pins or pearl accessories. Of all the costume ideas, this one gives you the perfect opportunity to shine.

2. Wednesday Addams' Pigtails

Looking for black hair Halloween ideas that don't require much effort? Keep it simple and go as Wednesday Addams. This Halloween hairstyle is easy – only requiring a middle part, pigtails, and a hair-smoothing serum.

Use a shine serum like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum for the perfect part and tight side braids with a glossy finish. It's formulated with keratin and marula oil from Africa to , , detangle knots, add softness, and boost shine in to create lustrous-looking locks.

If your current hair color isn't black, try a spray like TRESemmé Root Touch-up Spray for Black Hair. It comes in a lightweight formula that dries in seconds and lasts through your next wash. Got some ? It provides professional quality root-concealing color that's perfect when you're in between salon sessions.

3. Long Witchy Locks

Another easy Halloween hair idea? Long witchy locks! It works no matter your hair color or texture. Pair it with a witch's hat (which you can easily buy or make with black cardboard and tape) and black lipstick for a chillingly goth look. Or opt for an enchanting vibe with big, romantic and .

4. Bride of Frankenstein Beehive

Want to try your hand at this hair-raising 'do? If you're up for a challenge, check out the Bride of Frankenstein beehive tutorial by Katie Gunnell. For this scary look, you'll need a clean, empty can or the bottom half of a plastic soda bottle (whatever you think may work), some curling, a lot of teasing, and a washable hair color spray in white or blonde.

5. 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Topknots

Are you a fright-fest fanatic or a Christmas superfan? Why not meet in the middle with this quirky-cute look by @KraftyKacen and inspired Nightmare Before Christmas' unforgettable characters, Jack and Sally. Her two feature faces she printed herself and pasted on pins and some other art pieces like yarn and temporary hair color chalk!

6. Cruella's Two-Tone Style

Want to make a statement? Try Emma Stone's Cruella with a split-dye style that will make you stand out in the crowd. Can't commit? Use a temporary hair color spray or dye some face-framing layers blonde to achieve a more subtle and versatile look that you can wear all year round.

7. Colors to Dye for

Halloween is the perfect time to play for those who love to dye their hair in . Trends such as the money piece highlight, vibrant overlays, or dimensional tones are excellent costume ideas. Try vampire orchid, , or pumpkin orange. You can finish it with some spooky hair accessories to highlight your hair color.

Always keep colored strands looking healthy and vibrant with a repairing shampoo. Sunsilk's Damage Reconstruction Shampoo is specially formulated to help revive and nourish brittle, damaged hair to keep your locks looking lovely.

These hairstyles and hair color inspo make great costume ideas for Halloween. Do you like to dress up and celebrate October 31? Share this article with a friend for your Halloween party!