As her 7.1 million Instagram followers would attest, Heart Evangelista is endlessly fascinating. She lives a glamorous life that most people can only dream of—attending Paris Fashion Week, wearing haute couture, and being included in Forbes France’s Top 10 Luxury Influencers. If you want to get a glimpse of the good life, look no further than Heart Evangelista’s Instagram.

Elevate Your Feed

While very few people can attain Heart’s ultra-high-end lifestyle, there are a few things we mere mortals can do to at least get our Instagram looking more memorable. Below are a few lessons from our favorite fashion icon’s own Insta.

Embrace Your Personal Style

Heart’s millions of followers know what to expect from: attention-grabbing outfits, feathers, fur, ruffles, heels, baubles, and lots of bling. 

Sometimes they’re all in one photo!

This is Heart’s brand—opulent, ultra-luxurious, extra—and she definitely knows how to work it. However, her glam vibe ultimately doesn’t come from the stuff that she owns, but from knowing who she is and staying true to it. Being authentic shows more elegance and sophistication than trying to be someone you’re not, so let your true self shine in your feed.

Always Look Put-Together

Can’t afford Heart’s designer bags and shoes? You can work with what you do have to emulate Heart’s perpetually polished look. One of her secret weapons beneath all the glitz and glitter: that’s never out of place. Get Heart’s lustrous locks with Cream Silk Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner—her personal fave is Rich Lustre, which contains shea butter, almond oil, cinnamon, cassia leaf oil, sunflower seed oil, bamboo extract, and aloe extract.

Another of Heart’s secret weapons: . Luckily, that’s within your reach, too as Heart credits her youthful skin to POND’s Age Miracle. Just check out this snap of her at 23 years old and you’ll see that she’s just as gorgeous as ever!

It’s In the Details

Even inexpensive items can look yayamanin when styled right. Take these chocolate roll slices, for example. In a box or a plain serving dish, they would look rather ordinary. Topped with strawberries and grouped together with a silver serving tray, a fur backdrop, and Heart’s bejeweled wrist? Absolutely decadent.

You can make a nondescript item look special with some luxe touches—a string of pearls, a printed scarf, even flowers. Snacking on supermarket cheese and chips? Taking them out of their packaging and transferring them to plates and bowls can already elevate them.

Have a Sense of Humor

Like any famous personality, Heart receives her fair share of, er, questionable comments. But instead of lashing out, she deals with them with wit. When faced with criticism, just smile. Show off your pearly whites with closeup Menthol Fresh Toothpaste. It kills 99% of bacteria that cause cavities and odor, making you fresh and confident

She’s also not afraid to poke fun at herself—in an Instagram story, she once joked that she was buying corned beef in her opulent outfit, spawning countless memes. She also leans into her Chanel obsession, occasionally posting funny food photos with the iconic logo of her beloved brand.

Keep ‘em Guessing

We’re so used to maximalist Heart that it can be surprising when she posts pared-down photos like this one.

This photo got a ton of likes, showing that posting something unexpected every now and then can keep your followers engaged. 

Use It for Good

It’s easy for an over-the-top Instagram influencer to amass haters, but it’s easier still to love Heart because she’s got substance to go with her style. She uses Instagram to shine a spotlight on advocacies that are close to her heart, such as the artisans of Sorsogon, the home province of her husband Gov. Chiz Escudero. 

In mid-2020, she used her platforms to help out students who were scrambling to get a tablet so they could go to school online. She put out an announcement on Twitter, calling on people in need to slide into her Instagram DMs. If there’s anything that makes Heart truly classy, it’s that she cares about other people and tries to do what she can to help.

The main lesson from Heart’s Instagram: Being memorable is less about high-end brands and expensive jewelry and more about grace, humor, and kindness. And that’s something money can’t buy.