When it comes to celebrity accounts, Nadine Lustre’s Instagram is quite the peg. It’s raw, edgy, and seemingly spontaneous, but still somehow looks so put-together. Being gifted with an eye for visuals, she posts artistic photos that capture the beauty in the mundane and that look super authentic. If you’re aiming to up your Insta game, look no further than the queen’s own Instagram for a few tricks.

Curate Your Insta Like A Queen

From gorgeous glam shots to dreamy landscapes, Nadine’s Insta is #feedgoals. Here’s how you can get a swoon-worthy feed of your own:

Find your own look.

Over the years, Nadine’s feed has gone from carefully color-coordinated to a little less regimented—you now get colored shots mixed in with some black-and-whites. However, despite the varying filters, the overall look is unified, resulting in a low-contrast, moody grid.

There’s a lo-fi feel to the photography, with experimental angles and off-kilter, even blurred, shots—not surprising, given her penchant for Polaroids.

Before you purchase new presets, think about what aesthetic best represents you. The artsy vibe suits Nadz’s personality just fine but is it something that represents who you are and what you’re into? Maybe you’d want to go for something more high-contrast and super-saturated. Or maybe you don’t want to have a unifying look at all. Whatever you choose, make it your own!

Mix it up.

Honestly, Nadine could post a selfie every single day and she’d get hundreds of thousands of double taps. Instead, she likes to keep things interesting by also posting food, flowers, furniture, tastefully done sponsored posts, and random snaps from everyday life, all to great effect.

Consider going beyond posting hot bikini photos and add snippets that tell a story—your story: landscapes, hobbies, food, friends. As Nadine shows, life is more than just a perfectly lit selfie!

Get creative.

If you look like this, then your selfie game will definitely be strong.

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Ever the creative queen, however, Nadine finds new ways of showing us her pretty face.

Take a page from Nadine’s playbook and experiment with angles, lights, shadows, backgrounds, props, and movement to get a more dynamic shot.

Open up.

There’s probably a ton of planning that goes into Nadine’s feed but it still somehow feels authentic. She isn’t obsessed with presenting a perpetually happy front; her feed isn’t sanitized to the point of toxic positivity. Her posts give a sense of where her head is at, and we can see that she’s got her good days and bad days—just like the rest of us—and that makes her totally relatable.

…but retain some mystery.

Despite being one of the country’s biggest stars, Nadine still manages to retain an air of mystery. Her Insta gives you a peek into her life, but she doesn’t come from the School of Oversharing – no mile-long essays to accompany photos here. In fact, she takes a less-is-more approach when it comes to her captions.

This is probably one of the biggest lessons you can learn from the queen: Always leave them wanting more.

At some point, you might have a shot that would look off on your feed – perhaps it doesn’t go with your color palette or it’s not something you would normally post. When you have to decide between preserving an aesthetic or preserving a memory, we say go for the latter. Let your Insta feed be a reflection of you: imperfect, beautiful, and real.

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