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Time-consuming as it may seem, getting glammed up for a night out with your significant other is all worth it when you see your polished self in the mirror. Of course, you want to look good for your date, but doing it for yourself can be just as rewarding.

Having the perfect does not require blowing your salary at the salon or hiring a hairstylist. The key is to have a good that gives you a healthy base. It cuts down the time needed to style your hair, just like healthy skin makes it easier to highlight your best features with less makeup.

Here are some tips for getting your hair prepped for a night out without going to the salon.

Invest in the Right Hair Care Products

Use a shampoo that helps make your hair smoother and shinier, like Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo. With five flower essences, it not only keeps your hair smelling fresh but also smoothens and straightens your hair five times more than other products. Pair it with a conditioner that seals in moisture and nourishes your locks. If you get your hair healthy enough, you might not even need to style it.

That said, not all shampoo formulations are created equal. Make sure to choose the right one for your specific hair concern. Choose a moisturizing product to reduce flakes if you have a dry scalp. If you have fine hair, steer clear of heavy conditioners that can weigh it down.

Use a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

with a deep conditioning mask. You can use VitaKeratin Brazilian Straight to keep unruly, frizzy hair smooth and shiny. This one’s easy to use, too: after removing excess water, apply the product starting from the tips of your strands. Leave it on for a minute, then rinse it with water.

If you have extra time, put on a shower cap, play music in the background, and let the mask soak for a few more minutes. You’ll be guaranteed hair that’s soft and naturally bouncy; you’d want to keep the styling to a minimum.

Use Only Quality Styling Tools

Don’t be tempted to buy flat irons or blow dryers because they’re cheap. You may save money, but the damage it can do to your hair will cost you a fortune and a ton of stress. Invest in salon-quality materials – your hair strands will thank you for it.

That said, choose hair styling tools that you are comfortable with, just like you would carefully choose who to date. There’s no point in buying that pricey thermal brush if you don’t even know what it can do.

Have Some Style Pegs

While it’s natural to want to copy Jenna Ortega’s recent red-carpet hairdo, it may not be the best one for your night out with your boo. Apart from your outfit and makeup, your destination and activities should also figure into the equation. Of course, one consideration is your hair type. Layered hair with wispy bangs may not necessarily have the same effect on coarse locks.

Stick to unfussy hairstyles for formal events, such as the messy bun, sleek updo, or elegant braids. You can even wear your hair down if the situation calls for it. Choose a style that’s easy to recreate at home with the least effort (read: stress) and use tools you have on hand. Why not check out your for inspiration?

Always Finish With a Serum

No blowout is complete without this finishing touch. Hair serum is an effective way to add shine and softness to your hair, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. You can use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to keep your hair tangle- and frizz-free sans the grease. Apply it to damp hair for easier styling or dry hair for a polished look.

Keep Your Style in Place

You wouldn’t want your hair to fall flat just when you’re starting to have a good time. Keep your hairstyle in place with some hairspray. You can also use it to add volume if you have thin hair, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll have sticky, stiff hair all night. Use just enough to hold strands in place. Here’s a pro tip: spray it on a spoolie or a (brand new) toothbrush and brush your strands in place.

A romantic night out is the perfect opportunity to bond with your partner or get to know your crush. It’s also a great way to practice your DIY skills. Either way, enjoy your evening – and your beautifully styled hair.