An Asian man putting on a white formal shirt

If there’s any occasion that requires you to look, feel, and smell good, it’s definitely a date. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or hundredth. Showing up wearing a put-together date night attire gives you the confidence and subtly tells a woman how much you take her seriously. It doesn’t matter if the or at home. Remember that the clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself will always have an effect on how she sees you.

"I dress up for dates because I want to look successful and accomplished, but still fun and flirty,” shares Dennis, a product development manager at one of the country’s leading media companies. “Dressing up for dates boosts my confidence and, to some extent, shows who I am,” says Justin, a junior architect. “It’s an expression. You want that expression to represent a part of you,” Raffy, a research and development chef, adds.

Now, if you find yourself feeling stumped upon opening your closet, here are some date night attire ideas to wear to your next online date or date-at-home.

Look Cozy in a Printed Jacket for Your Online Date

While it may be tempting to just wear one of your staple cotton shirts to look clean and neat in your , you can add a printed jacket to give your outfit an extra oomph. “I’d put the air conditioner on full blast and wear a jacket just to feel more comfortable,” says Miggy, a sales executive. “Plus, I miss going out and being able to layer up—so it’s nice to do it once in a while.”

Keep it Simple and Casual for Your Coffee Date in Your Home

Does your home have a coffee nook that you’d like to boast about? Show it off to your girlfriend the next time she visits. "Ah, the coffee date. The most casual, no-frills one. My go-to look would be a nice and blank tee, cuffed selvedge jeans, and simple sneakers. And good, simple accessories,” says Mikko, a designer at an architectural firm. “It’s pretty much a timeless statement look.”

A basic t-shirt and a pair of jeans are two of the most versatile pieces of clothing you need so make sure they fit you right! “If you're going to dress up in something really simple, you need to make sure the clothes fit you well,” says Marteen, a banker.

Bring the Beach Vibes with You for an Outdoor Dining Date in Your Balcony

Outdoor dining also became one of the biggest trends of the year so why not try having a picnic on your balcony? Just set up a small table for two and add scented candles that remind you of the ocean. It’s a nice change in scenery from your usual dining room. While you’re at it, play a dreamy beach playlist on Spotify and wear something comfortable yet still stylish like Jeff Ong’s coastal-inspired look. Simply pair khaki pants with a light or pastel-colored polo. If it’s windy, grab a cardigan and wear it over.

"I've always been someone who liked dressing up even though the country's climate leaves you little room for creativity. There's this sense of gratification that you're able to express yourself through your choice of clothing. Not only would you feel confident, but your partner would also appreciate the extra effort in making yourself presentable,” shares Rienz, a junior architect.

Dress it Up for Dinner and Drinks at Home

Miss dining out in fancy hotels while ordering your favorite steak and red wine? Try cooking something special for your girl and transforming your home into a romantic candle-lit dinner setup. Complete the ambiance by putting together light gray slacks, a crisp white polo shirt, and a dark gray dinner jacket finished off with black loafers.

“Part of the excitement of dates is finding the right combination of looks,” says Rafael, a professional wrestler and freelance creative. “I also like that it gives the impression that I know how to and . It breaks away from the ‘hobo’ wrestler persona people often make me out to be sometimes.”

Whatever type of date you decide to go on, and whatever attire you decide to put together, make sure to add a fragrance that will leave a lasting impression. “Aside from showing your personal style and attitude, that’s one thing that remains constant,” says Rafe, a naval officer candidate.

Be the most unforgettable that you can be by spraying on Axe Ice Chill Body Spray. Unlike other men's deodorant brands, it uses the freshness of Mandarin and has instant cooling benefits that can cool your skin by up to 11*C. Stay confident in your date night attire and remember that you look even hotter when you’re chill!