A portrait of Winter of aespa with red long wavy hair.

Everyone has a different idea of what “indie sleaze” means. Depending on which subculture you gravitated toward in the late aughts, it conjures images of wearing either a band tee under a leather jacket or an oversized flannel shirt paired with colored skinny jeans. But the beating heart of the so-called Tumblr fashion was the array of bold and unbothered hairstyles, which still holds up today.

The indie sleaze revival carries the same hairdos, only a lot less frizzy. It has even taken over the high-fashion world as A-listers like Bella Hadid and Billie Eilish are embracing the aesthetic at full throttle. So, if you’ve been itching to channel the Olsen twins or other ‘90s icons, here are tips to wear their indie sleaze hairstyles, as a fully functioning adult.

Put Your Trust in a Curling Iron

In the heyday of hipsterism, the It girls would scrunch their hair with styling mousse for that tousled look, which is practical but pointless if you have straight locks. The modern approach to the indie sleaze waves is (thankfully) more adaptable to different .

For best results, use a triple barrel curler to create the signature waves. The trick is not to let the iron stay on each section of hair for too long. Move fast, and don’t worry about doing it perfectly. You can also do the same technique with a regular curling wand, though it will take longer to achieve the desired outcome. If the waves look too done up, break them up with your fingers or a brush.

Sleep It Off (If You Just Can’t Deal)

Why fake the when you can wake up with soft, loose waves for real? Skip the hot tools and utilize the age-old . It’s a fuss-free alternative for anyone looking to avoid the damaging effects of heat styling (, among many things).

Start the process in the shower by washing your hair with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo. This blend of five flower essences makes your hair five times smoother and more fragrant. It also has vitamin B3 and collagen to nourish your tresses.

Next, divide your damp hair into three to four sections and braid each one loosely. Secure the ends with scrunchies to keep the plaits in place while you catch up on your beauty sleep. When morning comes, undo your hair and shake it off. Finish with a few drops of hair oil to .

Add Some Color

Indie sleaze fashion thrives on elements of surprise. It did introduce us to shutter shades and lamé leggings, after all. When it comes to hair, one way to spiff it up is by experimenting with vibrant hues. Bright shades like à la Dua Lipa can infuse your style with a rockstar-esque vibe. Meanwhile, silver or instantly elevates your look without going too dramatic. If you want something low maintenance, go for or balayage instead.

If you have colored hair, use Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Shampoo regularly to nurture your locks. It’s infused with keratin, almond oil, and vitamin C that help repair the structure of your locks.

Bring Back the Bangs

Bangs and the indie sleaze aesthetic go together like jorts and black tights. Try Alexa Chung’s eye-grazing fringe or Suki Waterhouse’s to frame your face and highlight your best features. Besides, they make you look a few years younger – a perk no one can say no to.

If trimming your bangs every two weeks turns you off, put down the scissors. Instead, do a super deep part for extra cool points. Side-swept layers require minimum upkeep and suit almost all face types, too. When you need a refresh, you can switch to a middle part in a flip.

Revamp Your Smokey Eyes 

Now that you have the indie sleaze hairstyles down pat, it’s time to level up your makeup game. Copy Simone Ashley’s slept-in smoky eye look with a black kohl liner and dark eyeshadows. It’s the grown-up version of the smudged raccoon eyes from the 2000s, and it's just as easy to replicate.

To begin, apply a neutral brown color all over the lids as a base. This allows you to build dimension later on. Then, draw along the upper and lower lash line using a kohl pencil. Lastly, layer a dark-hued eyeshadow over the liner and bring it outward to elongate your eye shape. Clean the edges with concealer and a small brush for a more lifted effect. Spider lashes and pouty lips are optional.

With the resurgence of , it’s not surprising to see the indie sleaze style making a comeback. Perhaps it was never dead to begin with. So, dust off your Docs, put on your Arctic Monkey records, and rock the heck out of your bedhead.