Asian woman combing her hair against pink background

Did you know that there’s a different hair comb for achieving different hairstyles? If you struggle to get that super sleek Dua Lipa middle part or perfectly separated curls? Try changing your tool of choice and see the difference that makes. Here are some must-have hair combs for achieving different hairstyles.

Detangling Comb

A detangling comb, also known as a wide-tooth comb, is a must-have for everyone, whatever your hair type. It’s a useful tool for combing out without stretching your strands and damaging them. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair is more prone to breakage when wet, so it’s not advisable to brush it. On the other hand, a detangling brush can remove knots in textured hair without separating the strands too much.

Rat-Tail Comb

This is the tool you need to achieve a sleek, perfectly straight middle part. A rat-tail comb has fine, closely spaced bristles and a narrow, pointed handle. Hairstylists use this hair comb to section the hair evenly for coloring or haircuts, but you can also use it to achieve zigzags or for teasing.

To achieve a sleek hairstyle, try TRESemmé Ultimate Straight & Shine Conditioner. This conditioner revives and nourishes dull hair with shea butter oil and vitamin H. It calms frizz and tames unruly hair without weighing the hair down.

Round Brush

Want smooth, or perfectly blow-dried hair? Try using a round brush. The barrel can be made of wood, ceramic, or metal, with vents that allow for better airflow. Wrapping a section of the hair around a round brush while blasting hot air creates lots of volume and smoothness.

For tangle-free styling, use Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo. Formulated with five flower essences, this makes hair five times smoother and more fragrant.

Paddle Brush

A paddle brush, also known as a cushion brush, is flat and has a padded base to allow for airflow. It’s great for smoothing and . Its bristles are usually thicker and farther apart, making it a safe bet for drying slightly damp hair. You're not supposed to blast hot air on wet hair, anyway. Ideally, you should air-dry for 15 minutes before using a hairdryer.

Expand your hair comb arsenal and start adding some items above to achieve different hairstyles. Whatever your hair type, these tools and the right hair products can help you achieve the look you want.