Woman with long, smooth hair talking on the phone while holding a cup of coffee.

No other hairstyle has the same impact as poker-straight, sleek hair. The style once had an entire generation in a chokehold (the early 2000s, anyone?) and it still dominates social media today under a catchy new name: “liquid hair.” Although you can always book a straightening treatment at a , doing so isn’t always time or budget-friendly. But that’s okay! Keep scrolling to learn how to straighten your hair like a pro at home.

Use Hairspray Before Heat-Styling

Most people use a heat protectant to shield the hair from damage or hair oil for shinier tresses. But it turns out, the secret to sleek hair that lasts for days is setting it before using a flat iron. A little bit of hairspray on dry hair , "seals” flyaways, and keeps the style in place.

The trick is to lightly mist the aerosol on each section of hair before going in with a straightener. You can also spray it on a and run it through the strands, so your locks don’t get crispy and stiff. After all the styling, you won't need to do a second round of hairspray. Your runway-ready hair will , rain or shine.

Don’t Skip Conditioner

The frizzier the hair, the longer it takes to straighten. And even if you do get it done, it may look straw-like rather than glossy. The key is using a moisturizing conditioner like Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Standout Straight Conditioner to prep your strands. Infused with , it detangles and smoothens your locks while protecting them from damage caused by heat styling.

If you have that needs a little more TLC, try Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Straight Conditioner, which combines keratin relaxers, serum, and essence in one solution. It helps revitalize weakened locks and dull tresses, leaving your hair smoother and straighter after one wash.

How you use your conditioner matters, too. Squeeze out excess water from your hair and apply the product only at the ends. Then, use a wide tooth comb to distribute the conditioner evenly. Put your hair in a low bun, cover it with a shower cap (optional), and rinse after two minutes.

Blow-Dry First, Then Straighten Your Hair

If you have wavy or , you understand the effort needed to straighten it at home. It can take two, sometimes three, passes of straightener to smooth strands, only to have them poof up the second humidity hits. To minimize the damage, with cold hair first.

Attach the concentrator nozzle to the hair dryer. Hold it in your non-dominant hand and a round brush in the other. Sandwich a section of hair between the two and smooth your strands using slow, downward motions. Doing this relaxes any texture, giving you an easier time with the flat iron.

Invest in High-Quality Tools

The truth is, you could be doing everything right and still not achieve the sleek hair of your dreams if your flat iron is not good enough.

A good straightening tool should have a temperature range of 180 degrees (suitable for fine hair) to 210 degrees Celsius (recommended for coarse hair). Having an auto shut-off is also handy for a girl on the go. And for your hair’s sake, make sure your tool has proper plates made with ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium that can evenly distribute heat and add a finish.

When you use high-quality heat-styling tools, the result is longer-lasting, which means less damage. That said, healthier hair can withstand heat better. So, in-between styling sessions, treat your tresses with Cream Silk Treatment Keratin Rebond Straight. This hair mask uses both and amino-infusion serum to repair damaged locks and smoothen strands. This way, you won’t have to straighten your hair every day!

These techniques will help you unlock straight and sleek hair without a trip to the salon. Remember, the key lies in proper prepping, using the right tools and products, and maintaining the health of your hair in between.