Kathryn Bernardo wearing sunglasses with beachy bangs and waves.

Hairstyles with bangs are ever evolving. In the 1920s, it was all about blunt cuts and – the de facto "flapper" aesthetic. The ‘70s and ‘80s saw peak volume with feathered Farrah Fawcett fringes, fluffy blowouts, and face-framing curtain layers. In the mid-2000s, teens embraced choppy, side-swept "scene" hair in . In short: people will always want to experiment with bangs.

Today, fringes are still in, and anyone who wants to give them a whirl is in luck because every style from every era just happens to be trending. Sure, wispy curtain bangs are "it," but ‘70s, Y2K, and emo-inspired looks are up there, too. . So, take your pick! As long as you keep these five styling tips in mind, you can rock any hairstyle with bangs.

Tip #1: Blow-Dry and Brush

All you need for a salon-worthy is an easy-to-use , a hairbrush, and a little technique. To get your bangs exactly how you want them, style them while they’re still wet from the shower. Don't let them air-dry! They're harder to maneuver once they've fallen into their natural shape.

Blow-dry your bangs forward, then straight down where you want them to go. Brush through them with a paddle brush going left to right – this process should keep them from looking too flat. Alternatively, use a small round brush for more volume and bounce. If you're working with unwashed bangs, spritz some water on them for easier styling.

Tip #2: Twist Into Place Before Air-Drying

You can always opt to air-dry if you have neither the time nor the tools for a blowout. If you approach this method strategically, you can still achieve dreamy, stylish bangs. This one's ideal for , but the same basic principles apply to other looks. Start by finding your part, splitting your bangs, and gently twirling them to either side.

Feel free to run products, like a soft-hold gel, through your hair to add fullness and shape. Use your fingers to fluff and fix your fringe before it sets. Twisting and styling will help the strands air-dry how you want them.

For extra control, use to position them away from your face. Once fully dry, unclip them and let them fall loosely. Now your ‘do looks polished yet effortless!

Tip #3: Tame With a Flat or Curling Iron

Manage frizz while adding body with an iron. A small, slim flat iron works best for smoothing since you can get it up to your roots. For those with long, layered bangs, direct your hair towards the face before curling it out, then give your fringe a tousle to loosen it.

Hair rollers (yes, like the kind your lola uses to curl her hair before a party!) are back in style. They’re a safe, that lets you level up your bangs without damaging your delicate strands. Once you get the hang of them, they make hairstyling so much easier. Perfect for setting and forgetting!

Tip #4: Set With Hairspray

Keep your fringe in place with an anti-humidity, flexible hold hairspray. A quick spritz will and ensure the strands don't separate or look disheveled. Rumor has it that it's the secret to Lisa's (of BLACKPINK) iconic, always-on-point bangs! Just remember you only need a little product. You don't want your hair to become stiff or sticky, so use a light hand.

While both hairspray and texture spray can effectively tidy up your tresses, the latter offers a more natural, carefree finish. It even adds volume, especially if you tease your hair at the root. Think beachy waves or day-old curls. It’s the better bet if you want your ‘do to have a little more movement.

Tip #5: Keep Your Strands Oil-Free

Regardless of your , the rule of thumb for bangs is you’ll need to wash them at least once a day. Since they sit over your forehead, they have more contact with the skin's natural oils than the rest of your hair. Translation: they get greasy twice as fast.

The good news is you don't have to wash your whole head whenever you need to refresh your fringe. Tie your hair back when you hop in the shower to keep it from getting soaked. Alternatively, use a spray bottle to lightly dampen your bangs with water and massage a tiny dollop of your shampoo through it. Less mess! Rinse off, then dry using your preferred method.

Bangs or no bangs, you'll want soft, smooth locks that never lie too flat or heavy. The right shampoo will get you there. Try the Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration Shampoo: it contains for moisture, plus other hair-balancing vitamins and minerals. There's also the Sunsilk Naturals Sakura & Raspberry Radiance Shampoo if you prefer something sweet and fragrant that makes hair extra shiny.

If you notice your bangs looking slick by midday, your moisturizer or sunscreen might be to blame. Apply them as usual but remember to clip your bangs up while your skin absorbs your products. That way, all that goodness goes into your skin instead of oiling up your hair.

Hairstyles with bangs aren't wash-and-wear, but they're not as high maintenance as some people might believe. Make styling them a part of your daily beauty routine, and you won't even notice the extra step. Plus, well-styled bangs will always make you look fresh from the salon!