Woman checking the ends of her dry, brittle hair.

It’s no surprise that everyone from pop stars to your next-door neighbor seems to be rocking a butterfly haircut. The style can be adjusted to fit different face shapes and hair textures, and it makes you seem effortlessly trendy. But like all haircuts, this one won’t always go as planned. If yours doesn’t quite look like the peg you found on Instagram, check out this list of mishaps that may be to blame.

It’s a Botched Self-Haircut

Cutting your hair with kitchen shears is never a good idea. Sure, it saves you a few hundred pesos, but it also leaves you with awkward layers and uneven edges. Many factors can set you up for a failed DIY haircut, such as not using the proper tools and chopping at a weird angle. Besides, a butterfly haircut is too complex to be done without professional expertise, so don’t even think about it!

In case you're already dealing with the aftermath of a botched DIY cut, try styling your hair differently, like putting it up with a or switching up your part. If it’s beyond fixing, ask a stylist to so all the layers will be even.

Miscommunication With Your Stylist

That said, a butterfly haircut can still fall short of your expectations even after going to the salon.

Simply asking for a “layered haircut for long hair” is not enough. You need to be more specific about how much length you want to keep, where you want the layers to start and end, as well as how “feathery” you want the shape to be. Showing pictures can also help your stylist understand your vision.

If you’re unhappy with the cut, don’t hesitate to come back. Politely tell the stylist the areas you aren’t satisfied with. Perhaps a little snip is all it takes to make your butterfly haircut work.

You Have Fine Hair

Like other for long hair, the butterfly cut is an excellent way to reduce bulk and add movement to your locks. However, it can cause to look sparse and stringy, too. But that’s nothing a good texturizing spray can’t solve. Spritz it all over damp hair before air- or blow-drying to create subtle waves and extra volume to your tresses.

You’re Not Styling It Enough

The butterfly haircut is it’s not a wash-and-go style. Be prepared for daily styling if you want it to look fluffy and voluminous 24/7. To get the most out of your new ‘do, apply thickening mousse before coming in with a blow dryer and a round brush. Go over the ends with a to add more drama. On days when you want to take things easy, employ the help of .

Exposing your hair to heat tools regularly can dull and weaken your hair. Boost its strength and shine with Cream Silk Salon Expert Treatment Keratin Damage Repair. It has keratin and dual collagen serum to deeply repair and renew each strand.

Your Ends Are Dry and Damaged

Does your hair look flat at the top and ? Split ends might be to blame, and this means no amount of styling can revive your butterfly haircut. The first thing you should do is get a trim to start fresh. Cutting off helps prevent further damage and reshapes your hairstyle.

Next, recalibrate your haircare routine to suit your needs. Take the if you want to know more about your hair type and its specific requirements. When it comes to dry and damaged strands, try Vitakeratin Treatment Deep Repair with vitamin E, salon-quality keratin, and argan oil. It helps reset the signs of damage from color and chemical treatments, giving you soft, silky hair.

A butterfly haircut does require a lot of maintenance, so don’t give up on it so quickly if it doesn’t look as good as advertised. Try these tips to achieve your hair goals. On the other hand, if you’re reading this article before your salon appointment, consider yourself lucky. You now have all the tricks to having the prettiest butterfly hair.