A portrait of Coleen Garcia with long hush cut hair sitting on staircase.

Life would be boring without . Your confidence soars to new heights after getting the big chop – that is until you’re stuck in the awkward grow-out stage. While it doesn’t seem like a lot is possible to get out of this transitional phase faster, you can always turn to the hush cut hair (a.k.a. the Hershey cut).

This viral TikTok obsession is another K-beauty export, hailed as the upgraded version of the classic shag. Celebrities who popularized the look include Rihanna, , Jung Hoyeon, and Coleen Garcia. So, should you get hush cut hair? Read on to see why it may be worth a shot.

It Works on All Hair Textures

Few have the versatility of hush cut hair. The latter works on most hair types, from baby-fine to lusciously . The key to perfecting the style is working with an experienced stylist who has your best interest at heart.

It’s also important to know what to ask before coming in. Finer hair looks better with softer layers as they provide volume without cutting too much. Meanwhile, long, textured pieces help reduce bulkiness on thicker strands. If you have tight , it’s all about minding the length because the hair can shrink more than expected.

It Looks Good at Any Hair Length

Whether you’re transitioning from a or like Doona’s, a layered hairstyle like a hush cut can get you through the in-between period with pizzazz. There’s a wide array of variations to try, depending on how much length you’re willing to sacrifice. And for the ‘90s babies who have been toying with the idea of revisiting the Rachel hair but want something less choppy, the hush cut trend is your solution.

For shorter ‘dos, opt for a cut with layers around the crown area like IU’s for extra volume. On the flip side, those with longer lengths can ask for layers that start at the cheekbones or jawline to build body and make the hair much more manageable.

It Draws Attention to Your Face

If you’re getting hush cut hair, doesn’t matter. The look is inclusive and complements different facial contours. Its beauty lies in its feathery layers, which bring a lot of movement. It can also be structured to highlight certain areas of the face.

Another plus? The ends are kept soft and wispy as to prevent the shape from looking blunt or heavy. This means the hush cut can give off a youthful appearance since it won’t hang lifelessly against your visage.

It’s (Surprisingly) Low-Maintenance

Unlike the that requires extensive blow-drying, hush cut hair is just breezy in terms of upkeep. Can’t spare another 15 minutes in front of the mirror after your everything shower? Pat your hair down with a towel and let the air do the work for you. That’s it – nothing too crazy or complicated.

Now, there are several hard and fast rules to a frizz-free air-drying technique, starting with hair prep. Use a shampoo with hydrating ingredients, such as aloe vera and castor oil, which you’ll find in Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo. It also has biotin to make your hair 3x stronger. Once out of the shower, apply a leave-in conditioner and hair oil to lock in moisture. Wait until your locks are 80% dry before going in with a brush.

It Gives You Styling Freedom

To create that tousled effect, seek help from texturizing powder or curl creams that can enhance the flowy details of the hairstyle. Or you can do the “undone” blowout for a glam but understated look. If you’re craving major changes, adding can breathe new life into your mane.

If you do decide to get them, take measures to prevent damage by treating your hair with Dove Advanced Keratin Treatment Mask once or twice a week. It combines the power of keratin shot, niacinamide essence, and vitamin complex to repair fragile spots on each strand. With regular use, it can also help protect your hair from .

Give the hush cut hair a go when your locks need a refresh or if you’re tired of dealing with your overgrown bangs. It’s a fuss-free and pretty style, whether you prefer wearing your hair down or up. So, find which version works best for you and hit up your hairstylist stat!