Woman with a wolf cut hairstyle

If you’ve seen the Korean TV series Squid Game, then you know all about the iconic hairstyle that actress Jung Ho-Yeon wore on the show. It’s called the wolf cut, which is a modern take on the classic . These origins make it naturally cool (the shag being the go-to rock ‘n’ roll hairstyle), but it is also trending because of its versatility.

What is a Wolf Cut?

Haircut names can be perplexing, especially since one haircut, styled differently, can look like something else. This trendy haircut is even more confusing since people mistakenly refer to it as the "werewolf cut."

To avoid any confusion, just try to remember the hairstyle of Player 067, a.k.a. Kang Sae-Byeok: lots of layers, lots of piece-y volume on top, and face-framing bangs. That’s a wolf cut in a nutshell. You can adapt it to any hair length and type, but it works best with . And no, it does not call to mind a human transforming into an animal during the full moon.

People often ask if wolf cuts are also mullets. They’re not. Unlike a mullet, the wolf cut has gradual, even layers that get longer towards the ends, whereas a mullet is way shorter in the front and has more abrupt layers. are also a key feature. If a mullet is “business in the front, party in the back,” the wolf cut is evenly wild everywhere (hence the name). However, its symmetry makes it easier to style for various occasions. 

Different Ways to Wear a Wolf Cut

The wolf cut’s versatility is mainly due to its layers. Because the style is supposed to be wild, there’s no cookie-cutter way to do it. If you’re not going to do it yourself like the TikTokers (please don’t), your stylist can adjust the length, layers, and even the bangs to suit your face shape and . Here are different ways you can wear the trendy wolf cut:

Try a short, shaggy wolf cut for a fresh look.

This is a fresh way to take on the wolf cut trend. Volume is concentrated at the top of the head, and the ends are thinned out with layers to add texture and movement. The length also makes it easier to style than longer wolf cuts. Create piece-y waves with or a texturizing wax and keep the ends soft and free of split ends by doing a weekly hair mask.

Go for sleek styling and soft waves.

Don’t worry about having fine hair — you can still rock a wolf cut. While this haircut for women is generally easier to rock with , this doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to the hair type. Take Billie Eilish for example, who has had a wolf haircut since she dyed her hair blonde for her latest album. The latest version is much shorter and has a more youthful vibe. The styling is also quite sleek, with the layered ends flipped out to add texture, but not much else.

Take it with a deep mullet.

Though wolf cuts and mullets are different, they can go together. Actress Debby Ryan proves that there’s no such thing as too rock ‘n’ roll with a wolf cut that has deep layers going up to the ears. It has a lot of waves that may require a bit of styling, but generally, it’s a look best served tousled and messy. However, minor damage to the ends can be obvious with these layers. , use Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Shampoo, which revives , damaged hair.

The wolf cut can also be prone to if you don't style it properly. Tame those strands with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Serum Conditioner. Apart from making your tresses look well-maintained, it has KERA10 Protein Complex that nourishes the hair up to 10 layers deep. With frizz-smoothing, detangling, and hair-strengthening benefits, it also helps keep your hair looking like you just got off the salon chair.

A chic pixie meets the cool wolf cut.

Model Hikari Mori, the queen of chic, short hairstyles, grows out her into a stylish wolf cut. This variety is essentially a pixie on the top with longer layers in the back. It works well on both fine and textured hair, but the effect is different (it will look wispy on fine hair and more tousled on wavy hair). Style it with a shiny pomade or light-hold hair mist that will keep layers in place while maintaining movement. 

Go for a two-tone wolf cut.

If you want some rockstar appeal, look no further than Miley Cyrus, who has been known as quite adventurous when it comes to her look. Her version of the trendy hairstyle is reminiscent of a '70s , and features two distinct colors: jet black underneath and on top. The contrast makes for an edgy look that's also surprisingly easy to pull off! Just don't forget to maintain your dye job by rinsing your blonde locks with .

Try a '70s bowl style.

Since you already have a wolf-cut hairstyle, you have to try this next-level adventurous style at least once. Smooth your locks with a big round brush as you blow-dry and, instead of encouraging the wildness in your layers, style them inward to create a bouncy bowl cut!

The wolf cut is only as easy or as high maintenance as you make it. It can be wash-and-wear or highly styled, it’s all up to you. The best part about it is it enhances your natural hair type.