A smiling asian woman with short hair.

If there’s any haircut that’s guaranteed to turn heads, it’s the pixie. Empowering, chic, and best of all, fuss-free, this short hairstyle has become the go-to look for anyone who’s looking for a cool change — your favorite Korean celebrities included. While most of them are generally known for shiny long hair or soft, wispy bobs, your K-faves can pull off a pixie, too. Here are Korean pixie cut ideas to inspire your next look.

Classic Look: Make It Wispy Like Jeongyeon

A pixie cut meets a wispy bowl cut in this . If you’d like a big change from long hair or a bob but aren’t ready for traditional pixie hairstyles, this should ease you into it. It’s still a pixie in the back, although the sides are longer, and then there are the full bangs. If you trim the sides a bit, you’d have a regular pixie.

To make an impression, get a color lift like Jeongyeon, who rocks this particular look with a rosy golden blonde tone. 

Pixie Chic: Style It Up Like Lee Joo Young

South Korean actress Lee Joo Young, known for her roles in Weightlifting Fairy and Itaewon Class, channels Tinkerbell-chic in this look, minus the bun. She makes the most of her hair’s natural texture, taking the style up a notch by volumizing the top.

To achieve this look, run a texturizing product like matte hair wax, through the top part of your hair as if slicking it back. Allow it to fall naturally to the sides. 

To boost volume, use Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner. The pair works together to coax out your hair’s natural volume and bounce. They can increase volume by 95% without weighing your hair down.

Short and Sweet: Ease Your Way Into a Pixie Like Hyebin

Let’s be honest: a Korean pixie cut is not for the faint of heart, especially if you’ve had long hair for most of your life. It can be jarring not to see that much hair framing your face anymore, so if you’re unsure, try getting a short hairstyle instead.

Take this layered bob on Momoland’s Hyebin. Think of it as a — an accessible transition haircut. Of course, she wears it in pink so it’s still a bit daring, but the nice thing about this style is that it can be as conservative or rebellious as you want it to be.

Rebel, Rebel: Go All in with an Undercut Like Amber Liu

Talk about an epic undercut — if the sides were any shorter, it would be a mohawk, but Amber Liu sure knows how to rock it. This    involves shaving the sides of the head and leaving lots of volume on the top. This grows into a regular pixie cut quite nicely; you probably just need your stylist to trim the top for maintenance. 

With hair this short, taking care of your scalp is essential. Keep it feeling fresh and clean with Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness Shampoo. This formula has refreshing watermelon that nourishes hair with moisture and mint, which leaves a cooling sensation on the scalp.

Embrace short hair with these Korean pixie cut ideas. Take them to your stylist so they can determine how to best tailor the hairstyle to your face shape and hair type.

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