Asian woman with long black hair

The hime cut (pronounced hee meh) is a Japanese look that’s been trending everywhere — from the Prada runway to the girls of Haim, Twice’s Momo, and even virtually on TikTok. It looks kind of strange, but in a way, it works. The hime hairstyle has three major parts: a frontal fringe, cheek-length side-locks, and a long, straight back.

Where did the Hime Cut come from?

Why is it called the hime cut? It's inspired by the princess (“Hime”) cut from Japan’s Heian period. Supposedly a coming-of-age haircut for noblewomen, the hime cut certainly rife with drama, ceremony, mystery, and flair. It’s also known as the jaw-drop haircut or the anime haircut, having been sported by a character called Yumeko Jabami in the 2017 anime Kakegurui.

While its roots are literally ancient, the hime cut continues to trend its way into Gen Z’s heart, thanks in part to its sheer strangeness. It’s also closely related — in appearance, not origin — to the mullet, which also has abruptly cut shorter sides, fringe, and a much longer back.

How Do You Style a Hime Haircut?

What face shape suits the hime cut? It is for anyone who wants to update their look without sacrificing length, although it works better on straight and fine hair textures. Your stylisht can adjust the lengths of the sides to suit your face shape.

Along with the and the , these style revivals reveal what women look for in haircuts today: versatility, surprise, and that cool factor. The cheek-length layers flatter the facial features, giving the illusion of a smaller, youthful face, while the longer back gives you styling options. Whether worn long or short, the best way to style it is to accentuate the angular cut that makes it so unique.

How to Maintain a Hime Cut

For the hime haircut, hair has to be straight. That’s the only way anyone could see the unique lines of the hairstyle. , therefore, caring for it involves a lot of moisturization and a focus on straightening. If you’re not into chemical straightening, opt for a shampoo that does it for you at home.

is one option. This shampoo is specifically formulated to reinvigorate dull hair with shine and moisture with vitamin H and shea butter oil. It’s light enough for daily use but potent enough to allow your hime hair to shine through.

Another straightening hero is , which has Straight Lock technology that keeps hair straight as it dries. The result is a smooth, blow-dried finish, even if you barely lifted a finger.

Follow up your shampoo with a nourishing conditioner daily to replenish your locks and keep them soft throughout the day. You may also need regular trims to keep the ends clean and free from damage.

While it takes a bit of maintenance, it’s stylish, fun, and perfect if you want to exude a new edgier style. Ready to give K-pop idols’ favorite hime cut a try?