A portrait of Sarah Lahbati with a low ponytail.

Nothing beats the simplicity of a low ponytail. All it takes is a trusty elastic, and you’re ready to go in under a minute. But despite its understated charm, it’s far from being a one-trick pony. You can zhuzh it up with accessories and styling tricks whenever the occasion calls for a touch of glam. So, whether you’re in the mood for something flirty or modern, here are the best low ponytail hairstyles to try.

Short Hair Ponytail with Bangs

You don’t need extensions to pull off a cute low ponytail. can instantly level up this classic hairstyle. Best of all, they inject a dose of personality and freshness into your look. If you want a sleek, , throw your hair up with a scrunchie and call it a day. For that straight-out-of-a-beach look, curl your strands into soft waves and finish with a sea salt spray.

Fishtail Side Pony

Let's be honest; is not the easiest to create. It requires dexterity and patience to nail down the technique. But once you do, the result comes with major "wow" factor. You can flaunt it to classes, , , or even .

Va-Va-Voom Curly Pony

If you’re wondering how to do a low ponytail that doesn’t look boring on , the answer is right here. Let your curls take the spotlight by pulling all your hair back into a tight pony, allowing those gorgeous ringlets to cascade down your back. Then, apply a few drops of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to smooth the top part. This styling serum offers five benefits in one bottle, including frizz control, added shine, and taming flyaways. Want more drama? Shape your edges using a small amount of hair gel.

Clean Ponytail

In case of a , this hairstyle can save you from looking like a greasy mess. The secret is spritzing lots of hairspray to flatten the sides and baby hairs. Pair this ‘do with a middle part to give it some model-off-duty chicness. And to tie everything together, why not try the ? It complements the polished aesthetic and brings out your inner boss attitude.

Bow-Tastic Pony

Steal a page from the coquette stylebook and adorn your hair with a ribbon tie or clip. It’s one of the cutest and most effortless ways to sprinkle festive flair into your everyday look. Choosing the perfect bow accessory comes down to the material and design. A satin bow, for example, hits the mark for a formal event. Meanwhile, a gingham or floral print is more suited for casual attire.

Side-Parted Low Ponytail

Those with fine hair might find the clean ponytail too founding father-esque, a.k.a. flat on the top and lacking dimension. Not to mention it exposes so much of your forehead. The workaround? Flip your hair to a deep side part!

To achieve Sofia Carson’s super sleek hair, prep with Sunsilk Expert-Perfect Straight Shampoo. Its Straight Lock technology helps keep your strands straight and soft as they dry. Next, slather on styling cream to lock down cowlicks and tikwas. If your strands are being stubborn, use a no-crease clip to train your hair in the new direction.

Looped Pony-Bun

One hairstyle that works for all hair lengths (except you have a super short ‘do like the ) is the loop. It’s not a bun, but not a ponytail, either. Regardless, it’s a runway-ready number that can catch everyone’s attention. You can style it as is or make it more artsy with a scrunchie.

Retro Bouffant

The ‘60s is swinging back in style! Unlike its previous iteration, the modern bouffant is less dramatic and has a lived-in feel. However, it’s still iconic in its own right. Copy Scarlett Johansson’s puffy low ponytail by backcombing your crown. Don’t forget to add a thickening or volumizing spray to create sexy texture.

Low and Messy Ponytail

You’re not qualified to be a if you haven’t rocked a low ponytail with tendrils at least once. This style exudes a laid-back yet romantic allure, perfect for relaxed and dressy outings. Bring out your trusty curling iron to create loose waves. And, of course, grab a few pieces of hair right above the ear to frame your face nicely.

Braided Mohawk

Braiding a faux mohawk is not as fiddly as it looks. If you know how to do a French plait, you’re already halfway to mastering this edgy low ponytail look. Give it a try if you're attending a music festival or a night out with your clique. Placing accessories like hair rings and statement pins along the braids can elevate the boldness of your “mohawk.”

The low ponytail will always be in style. It's very comfortable and doesn’t tug at your strands as much as a high pony. So, save these inspos for when you just don’t know what to do with your hair.