Filipino woman walking with good, shiny hair.

While petite women sure can blend in with a crowd, there are several ways they can stand out – a great hairstyle included! Height is and should never be a hindrance for petite women to make their mark in terms of physical style. Many women 5’4” and under command attention wherever they go.

Your hairstyle is a form of self-expression, and as one of the first things people notice about you, you will want to create a memorable impression through a hair moment that looks great and suits your style.

What is Petite: What it Means and How Hairstyles Can Make You Look Taller

Although the word “petite” can conjure images of a tiny, dainty woman, it has nothing to do with weight. You can use this term when you are of short stature. Besides, most Asian women fall under this category by global standards.

Nothing is wrong with being petite, especially now that many women have learned to appreciate different body shapes and sizes. Gone are the days when you had to be as tall as a runway model to be considered beautiful. Still, it doesn't hurt to stand out. One way is by changing your hairstyle.

Are you petite and looking for some new hair inspiration? Here are some flattering hairstyles to help petite women stand out.

Hairstyles for Petite Women

Short to medium hairstyles are generally the most flattering for petite women. However, your choices do not have to feel restricted – many styles suit all kinds of moods and occasions. Here are some examples.

Opt for an angled lob.

Many women who happen to be petite also have round faces. An angled lob ()is one of the best haircuts you can opt for if you fit this description. The collarbone-grazing length draws attention to your face while elongating your head shape and neck, making you look taller. Since the haircut is not too long, it won’t drown your figure either.

The angled lob’s asymmetrical shape also adds subtle face-framing layers to create a slimming effect. The style looks great on Selena Gomez and Taraji P. Henson. Like them, this hairdo looks best when sleek and shiny – a polished hairstyle you can take from day to night. to leave your layers longer in the front and shorter at the back, with a gradual length change all around. 

Style it with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum, which fights frizz, detangles knots, boosts shine, adds softness, and – in 1 supremely smoothing system, making your hair look as glossy and silky yet naturally bouncy as possible.

Go bold with a pixie cut.

Tinkerbell (not the Disney version) was small, but she turned heads with a ! One of the oldest tricks in the book for petite women, elongates the frame, giving the illusion of height. Plus, the cropped length of a pixie emphasizes an added edge as well as the bold personality that only ultra-confident women can pull off. The pixie hairstyle has moxie and timeless appeal – and enough variety to suit different hair types and personalities.

Try Florence Pugh’s more easygoing, ! Slightly longer, it lets you tuck some strands behind your ear. You can style this haircut in several ways. However, for more relaxed occasions, go au naturel and treat your tresses to some pampering with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Repair & Shine Ultra Conditioner. It results in a soft, effortless look.

Keep it romantic with shoulder-length soft layers and curtain bangs.

To keep it sweet and feminine, a lob or a shoulder-length cut with soft layers and will do the trick. The layers will subtly frame your face while keeping the look dainty and classic, while curtain bangs add an air of innocence. Let Coleen Garcia be your hair peg for this, as her fringe gently parts in the middle.

Petite women have different styles and looks to choose from when it comes to standing out with their hairstyles. Snip away and make an unforgettable impression!