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Nature is no doubt a wonderful resource when it comes to discovering potent beauty ingredients. One classic example that’s been used for years is oil from the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). For centuries, Aborigines have been boiling leaves of Australian tea trees to treat cough and heal the skin. Today, tea tree oil benefits have grown to different aspects of health, wellness, and beauty—making it a great addition to your hair and skincare routine.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Here are some well-known benefits of tea tree oil for your hair and skin.

Use it as a treatment for acne.

The natural components found in tea tree oil have been proven to kill bacteria and fungi that cause infections and some skin conditions. If you have a pesky pimple that doesn’t seem to go away, using a product that’s infused with this ingredient combined with salicylic acid can help get rid of it stat!

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It soothes the skin.

Those who have can benefit from using tea tree oil as it relieves itchiness and discomfort. If you suffer from skin allergies or suddenly get contact dermatitis, then tea tree oil can help by alleviating symptoms such as redness or swelling.

Tea tree is also one of the few essential oils that can help if you suffer from psoriasis, an autoimmune condition characterized by outbreaks of red, itchy, and because the anti-inflammatory compounds in tea tree oil help ease the symptoms.

In addition, tea tree oil provides relief from bug bites! The next time you go on a hiking or beach adventure, bring some with you.

It boosts wound healing.

If you have a wound, tea tree oil can prevent infection and promote faster healing, as it helps trigger the activity of white blood cells. Remember this benefit the next time you get a cut or an abrasion. Just add a few drops of tea tree oil before dressing the wound to help with the healing process.

It controls dandruff.

Dandruff often occurs when dead skin falls off the scalp. A controlled study done by Healthline showed that using shampoo with tea tree oil lessened by 40% and even reduced itchiness and greasiness. A tea tree oil-infused shampoo would help detoxify your scalp while adding volume—leaving you with refreshed and revitalized hair.

Now that you know all about this natural ingredient, go ahead and experience these amazing tea tree oil benefits.

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