Asian woman smiling while working outdoors

If you, like most women, stare at your thumbnail during virtual office meetings, wondering whether you should have made more of an effort, then you’re not alone. Even when you put on makeup and dress up, there will always be days when you just won’t feel your best. During these days, one excellent way to boost your confidence is to see firsthand that it doesn’t take a lot to make you look great. Here’s how you can feel more confident and let your natural beauty shine through on your next Zoom call.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Day Cream

That hyper-matte look doesn’t translate so well on a pixelated screen. It can age you, and make you look dry and tired — perhaps more than you actually are. The key to looking fresh and awake on a Zoom call is a good moisturizer, which should give you a radiant glow.

Wash your face before your call and pat dry. Next, apply a glow-boosting day cream like POND'S Bright Serum Day Cream Detox. This contains niacinamide, Gluta-boost, and UV filters that reduce dark spots and even out skin tone with regular use. It’s also , which means it won’t make you look slick on-screen, but hydrated and glowing.

Skip the Mattifying Makeup

After applying moisturizer, grab your concealer and dab sparingly under your eyes, between your eyebrows, and on any dark spots that bother you. Pat gently to blend on the skin Skip the foundation and let your skin shine through. Then, choose a bright blush that’s also non-mattifying. A cream blush will work. Apply it on the apples on your cheeks with your fingertips, and blend upward to your temples with a brush. This creates a lifting effect on the face that makes you look fresh. 

Play Up Your Eyes and Lips — But Not Too Much

The registers differently online. If you don’t exaggerate, you can look washed out. Still, reserve the full-on glam look for special occasions. Trust us, it will look weird in the context of the Monday morning huddle. Instead, keep the focus on glowing skin and looking more awake. For your eyes, swipe on some mascara. We recommend applying your makeup using your screen as a mirror, with the lighting and all. This will help you gauge exactly how much mascara you need. 

As for the lips, it's best to go with a pigmented balm. A lipstick might be too heavy for a zoom call, especially if you don’t wear a lippie regularly in real life. If you really want to wear lipstick, try applying it with your fingertips to create a natural-looking stain, instead of heavily swiping it on your lips.

Boost Your Hair’s Shine

Is your hair always in a bun or a ponytail? Shake things up by occasionally wearing it down. To really glow on screen, use a conditioner that boosts hair’s silkiness and shine. Try Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Repair & Shine Ultra Conditioner. This combines the benefits of three products to tame frizz and flyaways, revive dull tresses, and repair damage.

You don’t even need to style it. If you have long hair, simply wear it in a loose top knot for a few hours before the meeting to create delicate natural waves. If you have short hair, add shine and shape with a small amount of styling product. 

Check Your Teeth!

Don’t forget your pearly whites. Sure, you won’t be in the same room with your colleagues but remember, they can still put you on “spotlight” when it’s your turn to speak. Make sure you’re ready for your closeup by brushing your teeth before the Zoom call. Use closeup Natural Smile Toothpaste, which uses lemon essence and sea salt to gently remove stains and freshen breath.

Find Your Light

Finally, make sure you have flattering lighting to illuminate your face. While this may mean different things for different people, in general, it shouldn’t be too harsh. A warm white that mimics sunlight is best. Position the light source on an elevated surface right in front of you. Adjust its brightness if possible, especially if it makes your eyes squint, or washes your face out on screen. Never sit in the dark or with the light source lower than your face, unless you’re going for a horror movie vibe. 

Showing your natural beauty on a Zoom call isn’t as complicated as it seems! Just focus on highlighting your features instead of concealing them. Now, go on. Glow!