Plus-sized Asian woman doing planks at home with tablet.

Science has long established a positive . A 2016 study in , for example, reveals that increased physical activity directly and indirectly influenced self-esteem. So grab your cutest gym outfits and sign up for the nearest fitness center. Simple, right?

The journey isn’t as straightforward, especially if you’re not that confident to begin with. What should you do – how should you act between signing up for that gym membership and waiting for the exercise endorphins to boost your poise? Are you shuffling your feet feeling unsure as you watch the already-confident gym rats strut around in their tight ?

You know what they say: fake it till you make it. While waiting for your natural confidence to kick in, try to feign it with gym outfits that will make you feel terrific about your body.

Here are some body-inclusive gym outfit ideas and fashion tips to help you.

1. Pick the Right Size

Many assume that a well-fitting outfit is a tight one, but it’s not. Don’t be afraid to go into a sports apparel store and find the ideal size for your body. Whether a tank top, a fashionably oversized shirt, or sweatpants, properly fitting garments can flatter your shape. Anything too small or too large will only work against you.

2. Color-block Your Body

Remember the old rule that black is slimming? Tweak that a bit when you style your gym outfits. Are you conscious about your midsection but proud of your legs? Wear a dark-hued top and go for brighter pants or leggings. Remember: just because you’re a little timid about some parts of your body does not mean they’re not beautiful. Sometimes, takes a little time – and that’s why you’re in the gym.

3. Go A-line

Gone are the days when were all about skimpy tops and leggings that all bunch up at your least loved body parts. There are A-line tank tops, workout dresses, and tennis skorts. Peplum is also a good option if you want to highlight your waist while you’re still working on your paunch.

4. Choose Compression Wear

Sculpting exercise wear pulls you in and holds you up. But beyond the flattering appearance a properly fitting compression ensemble can give you, these garments are also functional. It promotes better blood flow during and after a workout, helping you recover faster.

5. Dress for Comfort

From physical convenience to emotional ease, you should feel like you can move freely when exercising. For example, if you’re wary about your belly but wearing a short tee, you might not be able to perform as effectively because you’re too busy pulling down the hem of your shirt.

6. Stick With Loose Gym Outfits

Honestly, if you’re not in that place yet, there’s no shame in going for classic baggy sweatpants and sweaters. Unless your workout requires fitted clothing for safety purposes (such as aerial yoga, spinning, or Pilates), just go with what makes you feel good. It makes for a more dramatic reveal when you’re finally ready to flaunt your gorgeous body.

There are apart from your gym clothes. These can be as deep as focusing on your strengths and transformation or as simple as never skipping deodorant so you’re assured you’re as fresh as you feel.

Use Rexona Vitamin + Bright Roll-On Deodorant Sakura Radiance before exercise. It has an Antioxidant Complex with vitamins B3, E, and C to combat odor, sweat, and stains. It also helps strengthen your skin, which is helpful with the constant friction your skin experiences during workouts. Now you can do that without feeling conscious of your underarms!

Don’t forget to wash up with Lifebuoy Antibacterial Bodywash Total 10, too. Always have this ready in your . It has Activ Silver+, a powerful germ-fighting ingredient that combats bacteria, including those that produce confidence-shrinking body odor.

Listen, is about making you feel more comfortable about yourself, so when it comes to your gym outfits, focus on yourself and not what others may think.