Woman with facial mask receiving packages from delivery man.

On a scale of 1 to OA, how frequently do you wash your hands these days? TBH, there might not be such a thing as OA these days when it comes to hand hygiene. You never know when you got in contact with something that could be carrying germs—much worse than the coronavirus.

We’re sure you’ve stepped up your hygiene already compared to the good old pre-pandemic days. However, take ~extra~ caution and really scrub your hands clean when it comes to the following everyday activities:

1. Receiving Packages or Food Delivery

Are you one of those people who can’t cook every single meal, every single day and choose to get food delivered instead of dining outside? That’s okay. It definitely lessens your exposure to various health threats. But food delivery doesn’t prevent risks altogether, of course. Who knows how many hands have touched your food and its container before it reaches your doorstep? The same logic applies to all the items you shop online.

2. Cuddling with or Petting Your Furbabies

Even if you give your pets regular baths and ensure they have clean beds, they tend to get themselves in situations that are anything but sanitary. Their fur could carry germs and transmit those to your hands every time you’re in contact with them. Uh-oh!

3. Coughing, Sneezing, or Blowing Your nose

Your body tries to ward off infections and irritation by producing , triggering your cough, and tickling your sneeze reflex. In other words, these are ways for our body to get rid of unwanted particles and irritants. Without proper hand hygiene after these icky reflexes and habits, you allow these particles to re-enter your system. And obviously, that’s not going to feel good eventually.

4. Handling Any Food or Drink

It’s a great practice to wash your hands before and after enjoying your fave ube cheese pan de sal. Like what your parents and teachers told you, you don’t want your tasty treats to be seasoned with germs! But nowadays, you might be taking on a more active role in food prep, too. So, make it a habit to sanitize before, during, and after each step of cooking or baking at home. Make sure those dishes are yummy *and* sanitary at the same time.

5. Exercising

Are workouts part of your routine these days? Add another step after your cool down sesh: running to the sink and washing your hands. This is a must, particularly if your routine involves you getting your hands on the floor. Stay fresh and keep your hands clean and sanitized after breaking a sweat!

6. Running Outdoor Errands

Are you your household’s “tribute” to run errands outside? Even if you do your best not to touch anything on the go, it’s just impossible to steer clear of any contact most of the time. You might need to use your hands for basic activities like using the ATM, holding door knobs, paying with cash, and receiving change. Keep in mind that anything you touch could have been touched by others, too, so they could be carrying microbes that can make you sick. Be careful!

For your health and safety, step up your hand hygiene with hand wash products, such as Lifebuoy Antibacterial Soap, now available in the Philippines! With an ActivSilver+ formula, the global soap brand helps keep your skin clean and germ-free with every wash. And if you regularly go out, carry a bottle of Lifebuoy Ethyl Alcohol 70% Solution with you, too.