Confident Asian woman in pink knit cropped top and jeans

Everybody and their mother seems to be rocking a crop top these days. If you’re one of those who feel like it’s not for them, don’t knock it till you try it. Contrary to conventional views, a crop top outfit can be super stylish and versatile. And guess what? You don’t have to be a Gen Zer, a size 2, or Julia Fox to wear one. Here are some tips.

Pick an Aesthetic

There’s a crop top outfit for every aesthetic. ? There are so many crop-top-wearing icons to choose from: Cher Horowitz, Liv Tyler in Empire Records, the ladies of Jawbreaker, and Neve Campbell in... well, everything! Fancy yourself a fabtita? Try Zendaya’s elevated crop top on the Oscars 2022 red carpet. Want a sweet yet edgy look? Make Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé your new style pegs.

Mind Your Proportions

The key to a successful crop top look is getting the proportions right. Ideally, you should be pairing your crop top — be it a T-shirt, a ribbed racerback, a boxy jacket, or a dressy vest — with a high- or mid-waisted pair of pants or skirt. This gives it a more modern, put-together vibe. Consider volume as well. If you’re wearing an oversized top, try pairing it with something more tailored. On the other hand, if your top is tiny, clingy, and ribbed, try a skirt or shorts with more volume to keep the look interesting.

Try Layering

Still midriff? That’s perfectly okay. You can still rock a crop top outfit with the help of layers. Adding an oversized blazer will not only elevate your look but can also make you feel more comfortable throughout the day. Overalls are also an awesome gateway piece to the crop top life. Wear them with a cropped shirt or tank top for a Kat Stratford-inspired look.

Keep It Classy

Wearing a crop top can be such a powerful statement, especially in places where various types of people converge, like the office or the mall. Stay classy — that is, considerate and respectful — by making sure that your outfit is appropriate for the occasion or venue.

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Wearing a crop top outfit takes guts, but this is also the perfect time to do it. You’re never too old, too tall, too thicc, or too chubby to wear out. So stand tall, don’t slouch, and work it like you mean it.