Three confident, young Asian women

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful? For some, it’s embracing perceived flaws. Others see it as owning their uniqueness and inspiring others to do the same. But by its very nature, it encourages women to define it for themselves and discover the value it brings to their everyday life.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Such is the cause of , a movement that Unilever continues to champion through various activities and personal care that is inclusive, equitable, and sustainable. It’s not just about you — it’s about a new era of beauty that is kinder, more thoughtful, and rich in purpose.

It all starts with manifesting what this means to you. How do you appreciate your beauty and how does this act help the planet and the community? We asked three Filipinas how they do it.

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes.

Twenty-three-year-old Toni Morales believes that being your own kind of beautiful means celebrating your most authentic self. “We are constantly reminded of conventional beauty standards and[then]we start seeing them as goals. We forget that beauty exists in all of us,” she said.

Being a curvy girl, Toni often hears that she’d be more beautiful if she were thinner. “But I'm beautiful ." She added, “Being true to myself and not changing something to fit the beauty standard is more important than what 'beautiful' means to other people.”

She owns her beauty by being confident, doing things for herself and nobody else, and accepting her flaws. She added, “The products that make me more confident are for skin care. I had bad skin when I was a teenager, so I had . My skin started to improve when I started investing in skin care.”

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Beauty is being the best version of YOU.

“We create our own beauty,” said Cheeni Dy, 24. “Beauty is personal and despite conventional standards, there is no [single]definition for it.” When she was younger, Cheeni was self-conscious about her broad shoulders, thinking they made her less feminine. “I realized I was just being hard on myself. As I grew older, I learned to appreciate and love them,” she shared.

For Cheeni, you can be your own kind of beautiful by staying true to yourself and accepting not just your unique features but also your one-of-a-kind personality. “We must strive to be , inside and out.” 

She practices self-acceptance and self-love by staying healthy, being kind to herself, and using only products that boost her self-esteem. “I always choose products that make me look and feel good, inside and out,” she said. You can when you use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo for 10 salon benefits in one. Follow with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Straight Ultra Conditioner to get your locks in top shape.

Beauty is a reflection of happiness.

For Kai Javier, 22, beauty comes from within. She said, “I don’t feel beautiful when I’m not happy with myself, but when I am happy, I learn to appreciate so many things in life and see beauty in everyday things.” As Kai was growing up, people constantly pointed out how much smaller she was than other people. "But it's how I’m built. It’s a beautiful, unique part of who I am, and it’s something I can’t change about myself.”

To be your own kind of beautiful, Kai suggests owning your beauty at such a young age. For her, it means full acceptance, confidence, and happiness within herself. “I believe happiness makes you glow in a certain way that nothing can ever beat (not even makeup!) It’s what fuels you to be your own kind of beautiful,” she said.

Admitting that this is easier said than done, she shares three ways she tries to practice this every day. “First is being authentic. The second is and spending time with myself. The third is not comparing myself to others.” She adds that skin care and have been great sources of confidence and even therapy. “Makeup for me is not about covering things up but enhancing the beauty I already have.”

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