Photos of lesbian couples

Glowing skin is not exclusive to the straights, duh! No, radiant skin is a product of care, patience, proper knowledge, and, sometimes, a motivating partner. These lesbian couples share how they achieve healthy, glowing skin — and use it to bond in the process.

Beauty Masks and Foot Peels

“We remind each other to moisturize. And we love couple's massages — the therapeutic kind, not the sexy kind! Haha. And lately we've been doing Korean beauty masks and foot peels. Those foot peels are trippy!” — Kristine Fonacier and Nayna Katigbak

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Slumber Party for Two

“We love doing face massages – well, mostly me giving Deng a face massage on Sunday evenings. We both put masks on while watching a movie and sometimes doing our nails. Kind of like a slumber party, which we both missed out on as kids, haha! It’s become our weekend routine.” —Belle Rodolfo and Deng Garcia

PRO TIP: Use a brightening face mask with uplifting ingredients to make the experience more fun.

A Beauty Breather

“We like trying out beauty and self-care activities. We’ve done home leg/arm waxing kits, removing blackheads, and nightly massages. We also do the small stuff together daily, like brushing our teeth and skin care.

“Despite busy schedules, keeping a stable regimen allows both of us to step out of the busy corporate life to care for ourselves and each other. Now that we can go out again, facials, massages, and foot spas sound exciting!” — Yna Ocenar and Denise Villarino

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You know what they say, couples that mask together, glow together. Take inspiration from these lesbian couples for your next self-care/bonding activity with your loved one.