LGBT lesbian couple making a heart sign with hands

Are you thinking of ways to spread love this ? One way to show your acceptance and support for the is with words and acts of kindness. However, anyone can still make a misstep even with the best of intentions. If expressing love starts with learning the other person’s love language, then it would also help to understand what it is that they absolutely DO NOT want to hear.

Celebrating Pride can start with these small but grand acts.

Say It with Love

To celebrate Pride month, closeup champions the LGBTQIA++ community with a campaign that encourages people to spread love by saying things with love. Through a video featuring different LGBTQ couples, the brand aims to educate viewers on how to speak to the community kindly and abandon hurtful statements. Here are some things you should start saying “No” to if you want to show your friends some love.

Say No to Stereotypes

Not all gays are the same. Some of them are reserved and keep to themselves. Meanwhile, others are flamboyant and expressive. Not all are the same. They come in and show femininity and masculinity differently. To spread love this Pride month and beyond, keep an open mind, and support who they are and how they choose to express that. Say yes to accepting that people demonstrate their identities in different ways.

Say No to Deadnaming

Deadnaming means referring to a person by the name they used before they transitioned. Some people do it as a joke, others simply don’t know any better. While members of the community can be tolerant and open to explaining why this is offensive, they deserve more. It’s a simple gesture of respect, , and love that can mean so much. Say yes to calling your transgender friends and family by their new names.

Say No to Using Gender as an Insult

Choosing to be one’s authentic self shouldn’t be – so why weaponize it and use it as a slur? Calling someone “bakla” to bring someone down or to insinuate that that person is less than upstanding, is never harmless or innocent. On the contrary, it’s at the expense of LGBTQ individuals who work hard to contribute to the community in meaningful ways. It’s also against basic human decency. Say yes to choosing respect.

Say No to Bad Breath

Bad words and bad breath don’t belong in your mouth any time of the year. Fight bacteria – the leading cause of bad breath – with closeup Red Hot Toothpaste. It provides all-day by killing 99.9% of bacteria and preventing cavities. Armed with the proper knowledge and intentions, you can spread love with kindness and all year round.

Are you ready to celebrate National Pride Month? Watch this video to find out how to say no to bacteria breath and say yes to !

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