Asian mom cradling newborn baby in blue towel.

South Korea is famous for dramas, pop songs, , and postpartum care centers that pamper new moms for 21 days with fresh meals, facials, massages, childcare classes, and round-the-clock nurses. By “easing” in postnatal life, the places help moms managing stress recover and get energized for the next phase.

However, these facilities are out of reach for the rest of the world. For instance, maternal health is hardly a priority in the Philippines, with the United Nations Population Fund petitioning in 2023 for better postpartum support.

While you wait for the government to sort things out, you need to hold the reins on . Postpartum care isn’t child’s play (ironically), but you can get over this hurdle. Start with these doable steps.

Managing Stress: 13 Things You Can Do Now

Not all is easy to follow. For example, assembling that magical “village” isn’t always possible when you live far away from family. Hiring help is not an option if you have limited resources. Here’s a guide to things you can do to reclaim your sanity in this stressful time.

1. Establish a routine.

Babies thrive on regularity, so a consistent routine makes feeding and bedtime – banes of the newborn phase – more manageable. Knowing when to expect activities lets you plan your day, making postpartum chaos more organized.

2. Fix some non-negotiable me-time.

Schedules help newborns, but moms benefit from them, too! Add some private time in there. It can be as short as a 30-minute bath or even a quick lunch with some friends. This period is sacred and make sure everyone in the house knows not to disturb you.

3. Phone a partner.

You and your partner decided to have kids together, so you should share childcare duties. When making that schedule, assign an hour or two to your partner to give yourself a break.

4. Assemble a mommy support group.

A mommy chat group may not help rock your child to sleep or take them to the pediatrician, but it can do wonders for your spirit. You’re all in the same boat: vent, trade tips, rant, and appreciate the joys of motherhood together.

5. Set realistic expectations.

Did you see that mom-fluencer’s post about her two-month-old sleeping through the night? Is your friend's milk supply pressuring you? Did your sister quickly ? You may have seen this reminder before, but you might need to hear it again: each mom and child is different. Learn from each other first before you compare yourself to others.

6. Let your baby be.

A baby who cries nonstop can be, for lack of a better word, a tormenting experience. If the sound of their wail has become triggering, take a few breaths. Letting them cry for five minutes isn’t abandoning them – they might even learn to settle. Your baby may feel your distress, so giving yourself time to pull yourself together will only benefit both of you.

7. Accept help.

Set aside your lukewarm feelings for your mother-in-law and accept her babysitting offers. Her child-rearing can’t be too bad. She raised your partner, after all.

8. Go easy on yourself.

This tip might seem abstract. The best way you can do this is to celebrate small wins. Pat yourself on the back when your baby naps for two hours straight. Pump your fist in the air after a painless pump sesh.

9. Get sleep.

They say you should sleep when your baby does, but new moms often use this time to read a book or catch up on social media. Save the scrolling for your now-scheduled me-time. Adequate rest will make managing stress much more surmountable. Check out these tips to .

10. Buy safe products for your baby. 

Newborns get , which may stress you out. You can avoid this as much as possible by that are not only pediatrician-approved but also ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested.

Make bathtime more relaxing with Baby Dove Hair to Toe Rich Moisture Wash. This gentle wash has Dove’s signature 1/4 moisturizing cream and a prebiotic moisturizer to help replenish the skin’s nutrients while bathing. Lock in that hydration with Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion. It has a newborn-friendly hypoallergenic and pH-neutral formula.

11. Eat healthily.

can be as simple as a proper and balanced diet. Like good sleep, the right nutrition can give you enough energy to seize the day.

12. Spend quality time with your baby.

Yes, the newborn phase can be a nightmare, but it has so many amazing moments, too: the first smile, the first coo, the tiny toes. One day, the wails and tantrums will be a distant memory, but you’ll be wistful for the sweet and precious moments.

13. Do something you used to do.

You’re a new person after you give birth, but that doesn’t mean you should forget your old life. Hang out with the girls like you used to. Go to the gym and do some OB-approved exercises. Reminding yourself that motherhood is only one part of your life creates a healthy balance between personal and parental responsibilities and may mitigate feelings of burnout.

Managing stress is part and parcel of motherhood, but as the old saying goes, the years are short. Remember: you just gave birth to a new life. There’s nothing you can’t do!