Actress Dolly De Leon sitting wearing black suit with red details.

Despite the world's breakthroughs regarding personal style, something about wedding attire remains associated with frills, florals, and many things girly. Not every guest envisions themselves in scratchy tulle and body-hugging satin. If you fall under this category, this article is for you!

Skip the girly garb if it doesn’t reflect your personality. It’s time to explore inspirations and tips that defy the traditional script.

Make a Pantsuit Your Fallback

The beauty of a pantsuit is that, with the right accessories, material, and color, it can work for a casual Saturday dinner, a power lunch, and even a wedding. You can go for that or rock a blazer – perfect for a Tagaytay or Baguio-based fete. To make it less business, go for a monochromatic look in a fun color. The key to making a pantsuit work? Impeccable tailoring.

Go for Dark Hues

If the wedding attire really calls for long dress, then the lesser evil would be to forego the bright blush and bashful tones. Darker shades can neutralize the girly style while providing a classic and timeless aesthetic. Think navy, charcoal, burgundy, or amethyst. You can also opt for hues that aren’t “conventionally girly,” such as green or gray.

Compromise With Comfy Elements

If you’re being forced to wear frou-frou wedding attire for whatever reason, then you may feel uncomfortable. Make it easier for you by negotiating details that will make you more at ease. Lace? Okay, but make it tea length. Pink? Sure, but as a pantsuit. Flower appliques? Fine, but wear sneakers under the gown. A tight fit? Yes, but fight for a slit!

Choose Separates

While separates are gaining traction in formalwear, they still take a backseat behind trailing gowns and sleek suits. A two-piece ensemble is versatile for different dress codes and preferences and offers terrific flexibility in terms of movement. Think of how easy going to the bathroom will be! Kidding aside, separates can easily adapt to your comfort level. For example, if you’re a bit casual on the bottoms, you can compensate for a dressier top.

You can buy pieces separately but getting sets (a.k.a. coordinates) offers the same perks without the hassle of deciding what looks good together. You can also tops and bottoms from various combinations, giving you more bang for your buck and more chances to flaunt your personal style.

Jump on the Jumpsuit Trend

You may need a friend or two when you go to the bathroom, but a jumpsuit is well worth it if you want to nail comfort and style. These elegant onesies come in numerous cuts and styles: V-neck, cowl neck, cinched waist, drop-waist, long, short. They can come in wrinkle-proof jersey, perfect for an out-of-town affair. They are also available in light linen for . They can even work in structured gazar if you’re more fashion-forward.

Add Edgy Details

If your issue is more with the general “girliness” of female wedding attire, then perhaps you can make up for it by adding edgier accessories. Put a leather jacket over that lacy dress. Replace those silver strappy heels with chunky boots. Own the outfit with statement jewelry, a cool clutch, a distinctive belt, or even a .

Whatever wedding attire you end up with, never diminish your signature flair. If it helps, try to boost your confidence with proper prep. Pamper yourself with Dove Go Fresh Sakura Blossom Body Wash before dressing up. It offers 24-hour hydration, making you feel fresh even if you feel stuffy in the formal environment. You can also try Lifebuoy Antibacterial Bodywash Total 10. It has Activ Silver+, a powerful germ-fighting ingredient for that squeaky-clean feeling to match the streamlined look you prefer.