Asian woman giving herself a pep talk in front of a mirror.

Insecurity is one of the most powerful motivators behind baffling human behavior. It can make you act undesirably towards yourself and others without realizing, and influence major life decisions in the sneakiest of ways. But did you know that you can turn your biggest insecurity into a strength? It’s not that far-fetched.

Serena Williams was once insecure about her womanly figure – the same one that makes her one of the most iconic athletes of all time. Beyoncé wrote “Bootylicious” after gaining weight and feeling pressured to be thin. In high school, Madonna was teased for being hairy, so she refused to shave her armpits and has been a body hair trailblazer since.

Everyone has something that makes them feel . Here’s how you can turn yours into a source of power.

Recognize Its Hold Over You

The first step to overcoming insecurity is accepting that it exists. However, instead of seeing it as an enemy, acknowledge how it makes you feel and accept these feelings. It’s not resignation, mind you. Doing this will help you identify and focus on what you can control. If you’re feeling insecure about your thick , focus on how strong they are and how you can work to make them even stronger.

Use It as a Stepping Stone

Many factors can lead to at work. Being publicly criticized, never getting recognition, or simply being at the receiving end of a snide remark can throw you off the rails. When you find what’s making you feel less than confident, it can motivate you to do more.

As self-help gurus often say, your only real competition – and the only one that matters – is yourself. Let’s say you don’t feel like you have enough experience to fill a certain role at work. Why not take courses or volunteer to shadow your manager for some real immersion?

Be the Mentor You Wish You Had When You Were Younger

Many professionals look back on their early days wishing somebody had shown them the ropes. While there’s nothing wrong or inferior about navigating your career on your own, having a mentor gives you an edge, knowledge-wise. Not to mention emotional support. It may be challenging, but diverting your attention from your biggest insecurity toward another person’s growth can be fulfilling, too.

Adopt a Growth Mindset

, whether at work or at home, can lead to frustration and lack of motivation. These feelings can keep you from achieving your full potential. Adopting a can help ease insecurities and fears of not evolving. What does this mean? It's believing that you can develop your skills and achieve with hard work. Your biggest insecurity doesn’t stand a chance against good old determination and a willingness to learn.

Utilize and Celebrate Your Strengths

When insecurity casts a shadow over your day, turn to your strengths and embrace that “” energy. You don’t have to be self-involved 24/7 to reap the rewards. A few hours of self-appreciation will do. Identify your strengths and engage in activities that allow you to use them. If you’re good at cooking, invite some friends over and feed them. Everybody loves a free lunch! You’ll benefit from the , too.

While you’re at it, allot more time for self-care. If acne is getting you down, wash your face with a gentle zit-zapping cleanser like Eskinol Pimple Relief Facial Wash. To achieve more manageable hair, use Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Long and Luscious Conditioner with ultra-nourishing Tri-Oleo Complex. Finally, work on getting that confident smile by brushing your teeth with closeup Red Hot Toothpaste. It has Antibacterial that blasts away 99.9% of bacteria, giving you fresh breath with regular use.

Turning your biggest insecurity into a strength won’t be a breeze, but coming out on the other side is well worth it. It starts with accepting the bad with the good. Accepting your feelings is the first step to celebrating your strengths and having the confidence to share them with others.