Happy Asian woman holding up Christmas gifts

Gift-giving can be tricky, especially during the holidays. Everyone is buying presents and receiving them – so many things could go wrong. During this festive time, the last thing anyone wants is to feel stressed out over presents. Thankfully, following a few unspoken rules can make things easier. Here’s a basic etiquette guide that can easily make you everyone’s favorite guest this season!

Be a Thoughtful Secret Santa

While it may take away the element of surprise, asking people what they need also decreases your chances of making a wrong choice. Who needs a few seconds of anticipation when you can be assured of 100% satisfaction? If your friend or family member knows you're giving them a present anyway, there’s no harm in asking them what they’d like, straight up.

Bring Something for Your Host

Some people would say “no gifts, please” and that’s perfectly okay. However, this can make friends or family feel awkward. If you don’t want to arrive at a empty handed, get creative with your gifts. Try bringing a simple token or a gift that everyone can share, like a bottle of wine or a breadbasket. If you have time to spare, offer that. Babysitting and dog walking are valuable presents.

Respect the Rules – or ‘Yule Be Sorry!

If you’re joining a Kris Kringle or Secret Santa, make sure you follow the rules. Usually, the purpose of organized gift-giving is – aside from fun – to spare people from having to buy presents for everyone. However, if you insist on doing the latter, respect your recipient’s Secret Santa and do not get the same gift.

Wrapping Presents? Make It Magical

Spruce up a simple gift with some personalized gift wrapping. Add ribbons and stickers. Seal edges with washi tape. Add a card with a heart-felt note; use a sparkly pen to write it. If you want to make an even bigger impact, use recycled wrappers, such as old flyers or magazine pages. Shipping your present? Secure them in bubble wrap from old packages. All these little details make your present more magical.

Re-Gift With Caution

In this age of excess, everyone gets a gift they don’t want or need. While it might be tempting to re-gift them, do it with caution. Remember who gave it to you so you don’t accidentally send it back to them. Remove all tags and re-wrap it for a personal touch. Check the size, appearance, expiration date, and other factors that might make your gift useless. Never re-gift anything that was made especially for you. Finally, avoid re-gifting within the same social circle. You don’t want that kind of drama.

Timing Is Everything!

Gift-giving etiquette isn’t just about what you give – it’s also when you give it. Avoid giving your present in front of other people, especially if you didn’t get them anything. This keeps people from feeling awkward, or worse, left out. Moreover, don’t make people open gifts on the spot. You don’t want to pressure your friend or family member into expressing delight at your present. Let them have their moment and open it in private.

Spend Within Your Means

If you’re trying to impress someone – like a boss, mother-in-law, or a well-informed – try not to overspend. The best gifts are thoughtful and personal; they don’t have to be super expensive. Giving overpriced presents can make anyone feel uncomfortable, especially if they can’t reciprocate the gesture. Keep it at a reasonable price range. Instead of placing value on price, think about how it might be useful or interesting to the other person.

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