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In a country where close-knit families are the norm, it’s still hard for some people to fathom living alone – away from mom’s cooking, dad’s handyman skills, and the comforts of home. But while moving out may seem scary at first, it’s a leap that can do wonders for your character and confidence, challenging you to push your limits and thrive on your own. Here, three women share what it’s like to live independently and why it works for them.

It's Conducive to Working From Home

Where she lives: Mandaluyong City

How long she’s been living solo: Two years

Why she decided to live alone: During the height of the pandemic, Alysse was living with three of her cousins. “We all were , so, it was a challenge for us to create a work-conducive nook for each of us,” she says. “I think one of the things that made me decide to get my own space was the fact that I needed to conduct my online work meetings inside the bathroom just to ‘noise-proof’ my calls, LOL.”

What do you love about living independently? “Three things. You have the freedom to decorate your space however you want, you don't have to clean up other people's messes, and you don't have to take calls in the bathroom because you have peace and quiet 24/7!” She adds that it’s also incredibly fulfilling to live on her own terms. “Knowing that I can take care of myself – and my plants – is pretty empowering.”

It Gives You the Freedom to Just Be

Where she lives: Madrid, Spain

How long she’s been living alone: One year

Why did you decide to live alone? “I’ve lived with my entire family in the Philippines – extended family included – my whole life,” shares Mariel. “Living with that many people, we usually had to adjust our lives to each other’s schedules, needs, and boundaries. The things that I can do were limited.”

In September 2021, she took a big leap and moved out, jetting off to explore a work opportunity in Spain, no less. “I also wanted to challenge myself to live independently and grow out of the familiar dependence, which was very easy to fall into.”

What do you love about living independently? “The freedom, definitely. I get to do things I want to do on my own terms. There’s no one to judge me as I dance around the kitchen at 3 a.m. while making instant ramen,” she spills. “The silence is a close second.” Thanks to technology, she to her family and makes sure she updates them regularly. “It makes me feel strong and confident to know that I can keep myself alive without the constant need to rely on other people.

It’s a Valuable Learning Experience

Where she lives: Auckland, New Zealand

How long she’s been living alone: Five years

Why did you decide to live alone? “For me, living independently came as a consequence ,” says Leanne, who works for a beauty company in Auckland. “[I had to deal with] a lot of firsts as I’d never been away from home for so long. I was in search of better opportunities like most people who move abroad. I blessed myself with independence in the process and honestly, it’s something I [will always] thank my younger self for.”

What do you love about living independently? “You learn a lot living on your own,” she says. “YouTube proved to be a friend – from teaching me how to cook sinigang and remove carpet stains to basic first aid, changing light bulbs and car tires, and even learning how to drive. These things may seem simple, but you never really worry about [them] or have the urgent need to learn [them] unless there’s nobody who can do it for you but yourself.”

Solo Essentials

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Also helpful? Staying connected to your support system, such as your family and friends. Sure, living alone means learning to , but don’t forget that it’s also okay to ask for help now and then and enjoy other people’s company.