For those who aren't gym buffs, working out has pretty much been a do-it-yourself, do-it-at-home practice. Left to your own devices, we you can look to Instagram’s Pinoy fitness influencers (but of course!) for inspiration, motivation, and guidance. It’s not easy to maintain a healthy, toned physique, but with these six fitspirations as your guides, you’ll be on the right track to achieving your body goals.

Pinoy Fitness Influencers and Their Favorite Home Workouts

can be as easy as freeing up some space in your living room and following a workout video on YouTube, but it can also feel like an insurmountable task. I don’t have enough space. I don’t have the time. I don’t have equipment.

These are some of the things you probably tell yourself when you . Experts suggest starting out with simple, quantifiable goals, easy exercises at home, and tracking your progress to stay on track. But it also helps to take a cue from your favorite Instagram personalities, who cheer you on from behind the screen day by day. 

Do your daily yoga with Bubbles Paraiso (@bubblesparaiso)

An ashtanga, vinyasa, yin and kids teacher, as well as a triathlete, and certified sports nutrition advisor, Bubbles Paraiso’s Instagram is chock-full of inspiring fitness posts. Her yoga posts are not just #feedgoals they are #fitnessgoals. Her captions are motivational, too. In this photo, she says, “We work hard to get good, and work even harder to get better. Define your grind.” Whether you’re a beginner or expert at yoga, her informative posts on yoga, fitness and will help keep your eyes on the prize. 

Stay in shape at home with Noelle de Guzman (@kikayrunner)

Her IG handle may be about running, but Noelle de Guzman is a multi-faceted athlete who keeps in shape by mixing it up. Her successful running blog of the same name contains personal motivational posts from her days as a beginner. She’s come a long way since, being the third Filipino to complete a full Ironman under the individual category. She posts about running, cycling, yoga, and swimming. Studies show that running for at least 10 minutes a day at a moderate pace reduces the risk of heart diseases. So get on it!

Get into the grind with Nikki Torres (@nkitorres) 

Pinoy fitness proponent Nikki Torres is a holistic wellness coach, yoga teacher, and visual fitspiration for anyone who wants to get in shape. She conducts occasional yoga classes online, too. Nikki combines various techniques into easy-to-follow exercises — no equipment needed! She believes that yoga isn’t about poses. In a post, she says, “It’s getting a new chance, every time, to be introduced to an aspect of yourself and be like “Oh hey, you’re cool. Nice to meet you.” 

Get hardcore fit with Jaymie Crisostomo Pizarro (@thebullrunner)

Jaymie Crisostomo Pizarro is the first Filipino World Marathon Majors Finisher, and the founder of The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (@tbrdream). She’s been alternating cycling, weight training, and running. Her at-home workout? Strength training four to five times a week and indoor cycling. A lot of strength training exercises can be done even without equipment, just using your . This includes squats, lunges, planks, and push-ups. 

Have fun working out from home with Ian Banzon (@ibanzon)

Ian Banzon is a holistic health medical doctor, and a sports and active lifestyle advocate. Her work-out-from-home routine includes cycling, endurance and core training, and yoga. She keeps it fun as well as extremely doable and relatable by using everyday objects such as a six-pack of water bottles or a box of groceries as weights. Other creative substitutes for dumbbells include books, resistance bands, and a sack of rice! If you’re into fun improvisations, this is the account to follow. 

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