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Focusing on one’s net worth is increasingly common, especially in this age of “30 Under 30” lists and teenage TikTok entrepreneurs. It’s easy to grow insecure when you’re surrounded by success. And while this can motivate you to strive for accomplishments of your own, fixating on the number of zeroes attached to your name can be unhealthy and counterproductive.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), self-worth based on external resources has mental health consequences, such as increased stress and conflict with peers. Moreover, conflating wealth with your value as a human being is a mistake, since wealth is fleeting, and no one is 100% safe from losing money.

Shifting your mindset from “net worth” to “” means detaching yourself from the financial outcomes of your actions. It is appreciating your milestones as they are rather than as means to various ends. Here are some concrete ways to make that shift.

Set Personal Benchmarks

Society sets us up to attach value to certain milestones that, while impressive, may not necessarily align with our own goals. For example, you may have been brought up to strive for a high-paying corporate job. On the other hand, you may be surrounded by people who believe in instead of excelling as an employee.

Both are valid paths, but which one do you value? Instead of measuring your success with external validators like your net worth, set personal benchmarks to stay true to yourself and what will ultimately make you happy.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is another external measure of self-worth. Many , being tight-knit and traditional, can perpetuate this practice. A well-meaning remark like, “O, kailan ka mapro-promote? Yung pinsan mo boss na,” can instill the habit of using other people to gauge if you are doing well in life.

The fact is, we are born into different circumstances and backgrounds and encounter throughout the course of our lives. The next time you feel pressured to be like someone else, remember that each person progresses at their own pace and usually in non-linear ways.

Acknowledge the Value of Money

Not fixating on your net worth does not mean rejecting money – that’s a bad idea! In fact, having a healthy relationship with money can help you think less about it and focus more on what it can do for you.

In his book Mind Over Money, financial psychologist Dr. Brad Klontz says money is less crucial to your happiness than maintaining strong relationships or having a sense of accomplishment at work. According to him, a healthy relationship with money is purposeful, satisfying, and not overly stressful.

By acknowledging the purpose of money in your life, you honor its value but accept that it’s merely a tool. For example, money sends your kids to school, which helps you become a better parent. It buys food, housing, and transportation, which helps you function and achieve your goals.

Celebrate the Joys That Money Can’t Buy

Celebrating life’s simple joys can help you break away from net worth chasing. Go out with your friends to mark the day’s wins. Go on trips with your family. Take your SO to dinner. Watch the sunset every day. Set aside some quiet time. Touch some grass – literally!

Being in the moment is one way to . According to a study by the APA, it also , while boosting self-awareness and satisfaction relationships. Focusing on the present allows you to fully experience what you probably already know: that life is good right now, whatever your net worth is.

Make Time for Self-Care

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Keep Your End Game in Sight

When working feels like running on a hamster wheel, keep your goals close to your heart. Being around high-performing people in a high-stress environment may drive you to compete and vie for titles and promotions you don’t even want. When you find yourself pushing to the point of crashing, remind yourself what you value most.

Shifting your mindset from “net worth” to “self-worth” won’t be easy, especially if the former is ingrained in your system. But while there’s no one formula for pulling it off, small gestures like engaging with activities and people you love can keep you on the right track.