Woman doing work out at home.

It’s been months since we’ve been left with no choice but to stay at home—how’s your fitness routine? Have you become a full-fledged couch potato or have you been working hard for your #FitnessGoals? Some have resumed their morning runs and cycling with social distancing, but others have totally dropped their routines, especially those who are used to going to the gym.

Still, some have adapted and maximized that they have more control over their time. If you’re part of the last group—or if you want to be—you need a home workout routine that you can commit to and integrate into your everyday life.

How do you start? We suggest taking it one step at a time, so you can stay in shape and look your best. Pause that K-drama and say bye for now to your oppa. Slip into your sports bra, , and get moving with a couple of killer home workouts. It’s totally fine if you don’t have the equipment you’d normally use at the gym. Fish out some of these household items to switch up your regular exercises:

Tone Your Arms with Laundry Detergent Jugs

No dumbbells? No problem! Use those unopened laundry detergent jugs you have in stock or fill old containers with water. These are great substitutes for small weights. Get creative with all the workouts you can do! Try front raises, rows, and overhead presses to tone your arms and upper body. Take note that one liter is about 2.2 lbs., so adjust according to what your body can handle. Large cans or bottles of juice can also work.

Fill a Large Pail with Books to Exercise Your Hips

Other household items can be used to give it a little weight, and this can be your DIY . Hold the filled pail with both hands and swing it upward in front of you. Keep your core, hips, glutes, thighs, and arms engaged.

Get an Abs and Cardio Workout Using Rags or Paper Plates

Yep, you read that right. Use those random items to level up home workout routine moves like . To do this, go into a but with the rags or paper plates under your feet. Then, slide your right foot up to the side of your right hand without bending your back, and alternate with your left foot toward your left hand. This wide mountain climber version engages your abs better, and your plates or rags serve to help your feet slide. This way, you can do more repetitions quickly and really break a sweat.

Build Upper Body Strength with a Short Stool

Don’t hate on pushups! They’re the best way to engage your upper body, and with extra elevation, you’ll get more out of the workout. Perch your feet on a short stool to add a little resistance. Any other stable and slightly raised surface can work, too. Another move you can switch up with the stool is the single-leg bridge.

Climb Up and Down the Stairs for More Cardio

Are you living in a multi-storey condominium or any high-rise apartment? Simply (and carefully!) run up the stairs for a heart-pumping workout. This is an excellent cardio alternative when you don’t have a stationary bike or treadmill and when you can't go for a run outside.

Of course, adopting a new home workout routine means switching up your entire day’s schedule, too. Allot enough time for prep to stay fresh and clean. Keep that icky feeling at bay by using the right deodorant, like Rexona or Dove, which has healthy, protective properties. After breaking a sweat, cool down, take a shower or a hot bath, go through your skincare ritual, and relax with a soothing face mask.

Now you can get back to your oppa.