Glamorous Asian woman stepping out of a car

Admiring a Hollywood celebrity is normal. Most of them, after all, are handpicked for their beauty (and talent). However, admiration can quickly become an unhealthy obsession to look just like them. The average gal can't resist. After all, social media makes picture-perfect images of actresses so accessible. In a culture of #goals, dupes, and copping looks, here’s why being true to yourself is still the most empowering thing you can do.

Images We See Are Often Retouched

Rarely is a celebrity photo published without retouching. Glossy magazines in the '80s airbrushed images to give the illusion of smoother skin, thinner waistlines, and longer legs, among others. The system hasn’t changed much – the dawn of social media merely gave us faster ways to edit our photos. Keep this in mind while scrolling through Instagram, just in case insecurity starts to creep in.

Celebrities Have a Beauty Army

Having a glam team gives the Hollywood celebrity an advantage over the average woman. Public figures have stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, nail techs, gym trainers, personal chefs, and massage therapists at their beck and call. They get the best of beauty and wellness without lifting a finger. It costs a million bucks and an entire beauty army to look like JLo, so don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing your best – and all on your own.

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They Have Brands at Their Feet

The internet has blurred the lines between Hollywood stardom and Insta-fame. Just look at the Met Gala or any red-carpet event. Actors and top influencers are now sharing the same stage. Another thing they share? The attention of designers and brands who are competing over who gets to dress whom or who gets to sponsor makeup. Those are just some of the perks of fame. While nothing is wrong with emulating your favorite star’s look, don’t burn a hole in your pocket to be somebody’s copy.

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Most Celebrity Bodies Are Unrealistic

There’s photo retouching and then there’s physical alteration. Advancements in technology have made most things surgically possible, including having a 26-inch waistline despite being a size 10. You could also get abs without doing a single sit-up and grow your buttocks to unreal proportions with implants. The average Hollywood celebrity would have access to these if they wanted it, so it’s best to take workout videos with a grain of salt. Maybe it’s ...maybe it’s cryotherapy.

Homogeneity Is Boring

As the world opens up to a more inclusive and diverse view of beauty, the last thing we need is to regress to homogeneity. A society of only hyper-contoured, hourglass-shaped, would be so dull. Trying to look like a Hollywood celebrity sometimes means using the same makeup techniques, getting the same haircuts, and wearing the same clothes. It can mean being a slave to trends and losing your personal style somewhere along the way. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

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You’re Beautiful as You Are

We hear it so often that it’s almost lost its weight. What does it mean when someone says, “You’re beautiful the way you are”? It means everything that makes you who you are – your belly rolls, your rumbunctious laugh, the zit on the tip of your nose, your weird preference for Southern gothic rock, how you like your steak well-done – makes you an attractive person. They give people a compelling reason to look and get to know you.

Looking like a Hollywood celebrity may seem like hitting the jackpot, but it could also keep people from looking deeper. There’s something liberating about being comfortable in your own skin. Knowing that you’re a snack even without a glam squad, a million-dollar paycheck, or the genes of Hailey Bieber can be so motivational. You did all that by yourself. So go ahead and keep doing you. Who knows, you might be someone else’s beauty inspo.