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Do you have beauty marks on your face? If you do, you’re lucky. Beauty marks are considered special features that often . They highlight your looks, and because you’re the only one that has them, they make you unique.

Wherever they are positioned, use them to . They can build on the overall vibe of your enchantress qualities. Don’t be afraid to play them up, whether they are large freckles, or even, yes, moles.

What is a Beauty Mark?

Beauty marks, such as , are extra skin cells darkened by the sun. You can also be born with them. Those types of beauty marks are called “birthmarks.” Birthmarks are caused by cell migration during the developmental stages of a baby’s life and can span from pigmented lesions to vascular lesions.

Beauty marks, which are also commonly called beauty spots, often stand out from the natural color of your skin and are obvious to the eye. They can be on , from the face to the shoulders to the groin area to the legs.

Beauty Mark vs. Mole

While a beauty mark is a less technical term for these spots on your skin, moles are considered scientific in definition. However, a mole may be considered a beauty spot as well. Moles are skin growths that are very common and often appear as small, raised brown spots. Around 10-50 moles appear and change in appearance or fade over time during a person’s childhood to adolescence. When it comes to beauty mark vs. mole, there is no choice over which is more appealing. Both enhance your .

Beauty Marks and Moles in History

Throughout history, beauty marks and moles have been considered accessories that . From the 16th to 18th centuries, artificial beauty marks were all the rage in France. This trend of putting fake, fashionable moles and freckles on the body escalated across Western Europe.

To this day, many people covet artificial beauty marks. People use an eyebrow pencil or pen to create realistic beauty marks on their faces. Others highlight their beauty marks with a darker shade of pigment powder. So, go ahead and flaunt your beautiful moles!

Celebrities with Beauty Marks and Moles

Many celebrities in the past decade are famous because of their beauty marks and moles. Perhaps the most well-known is Marylin Monroe, who played up the mole on her left cheek with the use of makeup. Elizabeth Taylor is another actress whose mole was known to enhance her looks and was considered part of her appeal.

In more recent eras, you notice Scarlett Johansson’s beauty mark on her upper right cheek as part of what defines her mystique. Model Kate Upton’s beauty mark above her lip has many people on internet dubbing her the “queen of beauty marks.” The most famous celebrity to have a mole as a defining beauty mark is Cindy Crawford, who has been a supermodel for over 30 years. Her mole is a gorgeous and distinguishing feature on her face. Do you have one?

What About Marks on the Face?

Although beauty marks and moles are characteristics that define and , other marks can have the opposite effect. While beauty marks enhance your look, pimple marks can be a real downer. But worry not! there are powerful ingredients like niacinamide that can be incredibly effective as . It works by reducing melanin transfer, essentially fading those pesky marks and leaving you with clearer skin.

Acne scarring, excessive sun exposure, and hormonal changes can cause such blemishes. To address these blemishes, try POND's Bright Triple Glow Serum, which contains Gluta-Boost-C with the antioxidant glutathione. Your dark spots will fade and your skin will brighten 60x more than using plain old Vitamin C. It also hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid and gives it a dewy and fresh look.