Woman in red blazer walking confidently down a corridor.

Mingling at an can be anxiety-inducing especially if you prefer to be behind the scenes. However, being shy is neither a drawback nor something you need to overcome. Research says socially awkward individuals have – which is something you can draw from to make more confident body gestures when you’re feeling less than secure. 

Doing can instantly skyrocket your self-esteem and, consequently, make others more attracted to your presence. It’s a circle of confidence that grows and goes on the more you practice. So rather than letting shyness hold you back, use it to your advantage! Try these simple yet effective non-verbal cues to tap into your inner "boss" attitude without being too aggressive.

Be a Wonder Woman

When you’re in a celebratory mood, you instinctively raise your arms in the air. Emotions affect body movements, and the reverse is also true. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy reveals that the body shapes the mind to some extent.

Based on her research, people who perform high-power body gestures – like the Wonder Woman stance – have compared to when they do low-power poses. The results? You gain a and can react better in fight-or-flight situations.

Chin Up

Tilting your head back elongates your neck and , making you look taller. This simple body adjustment conveys pride, dominance, and also interest in what the other is saying. It’s as if you’re saying, “I belong here, and I’m ready to engage.”

It may be weird to do this pose at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll also find it easier to maintain eye contact. The key is to relax your face and pretend there’s a string holding your head gently up. Don’t forget to show your most confident smile!

Take Deliberate, Slow Movements

Anxiety can manifest in jittery legs, hair twisting, and excessive body gestures. While these involuntary movements may come off as cute and quirky on a , they reveal how restless you are in a professional setting.

Take a few moments to catch your breath and ground yourself. You’re in control of your space and time. By having a mini mental break, you can assess your surroundings and react thoughtfully rather than impulsively.

Don’t Fake Smile

“Smile, you’ll look prettier” comments are enough to send anyone – shy or not – into a spiral of frustration. You don’t have to force happiness just because someone says so. In fact, can be seen as a sign of timidness.

Don’t be afraid of saving your smile for moments that truly matter, like when you’re introducing yourself or when you actually find something amusing. Make the best first impression by taking care of your pearly whites. Use closeup Red Hot Toothpaste to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It has Antibacterial Zinc that blasts away up to 99.9% of bacteria, giving you AMA-ZINC fresh breath all day long.

Slow Down Your Speech

You don’t need to be verbose or loud to wow your audience. All it takes is cadence – the rhythm and intonation of your speech. When you use pauses strategically, people are more likely to listen for what comes next. Many well-known public speakers like Winston Churchill and Barack Obama would write down when and how long they would pause in their scripts. So, to avoid any mishaps, slow down and grab the opportunity to process your thoughts and responses.

Do the Triple Nod

Saying “I see” repeatedly is a quick way to kill a conversation. If you’re more comfortable listening than making small talk, use the "triple nod" technique. It encourages your chitchat partner to continue their story while you engage actively without having to constantly interject. Just be sure to nod at the right pace – not too slow, but not too fast.

Go for the Regal Stance

If you could never figure out where to put your hands while standing and talking, try the regal pose. Put your arms behind your back with one hand on the other wrist, and your poise level will go through the roof. It’s a good position to adopt when you want to appear authoritative yet approachable. Moreover, this pose prevents you from succumbing to nervous body gestures like slouching and fidgeting.

The next time you enter a room feeling less than a zero, try these body gestures to remind yourself that shyness is not a weakness. The more you practice, the easier it gets to convey confidence. Nevertheless, it’s okay to come out of your shell at your own pace – there’s no rush.