A woman with morena skin wearing Douyin makeup.

Every decade has its own defining looks. The brought us blue eyeshadow and frosty lips. Heavy contouring and were the name of the game in the 2010s. What will be the hallmark of the second Roaring Twenties? Beauty lovers everywhere can confidently point to Douyin makeup, even though we’re barely into the first half of the era.

If you’re not in the BeautyTok scene (or you're on a social media detox), let us bring you up to speed. Douyin makeup is a catch-all term for doll-like makeup styles originating from Douyin and Xiaohongshu apps – China’s answers to TikTok and Instagram, respectively.

While the looks vary from soft and innocent to bold and avant-garde, they all share a common thread: picture fluttery lashes, 3D undereye fat, gradient lips, contoured nose, and a lot of glitter.

Seeing this Chinese makeup look for the first time might make you think it only suits those with porcelain-pale skin and East Asian features. But one big reason it’s now a global trend is because it caters to everyone, including . If you want to spice up your everyday glam, take notes from these tried-and-true Douyin tricks. 

Go Full-On with Foundation

Unlike K-beauty's , which is all about a sheer finish, Douyin makeup requires more coverage. It involves smoothing the pores with a primer and applying a high-coverage foundation with a matte finish. The soft-focus base contrasts beautifully with the colors you’ll add later on, which helps make your pop.

Blush Is Not Just for the Cheeks

If you’re used to placing blush on the apples of your cheeks, it’s time to switch things up. The Douyin trend puts it right below your eye area for a more youthful vibe. But why stop there? Dust the rosy blush on the tip of your nose, chin, and the outer corners of your eyes. This placement visually shortens the middle third of your face. When it comes to the , pink with a hint of brown looks the most flattering on morena skin.

Sculpt Your Nose

One of the most challenging parts of applying Douyin makeup is hands down the nose contour. You'll need a cool-toned contour powder or stick and a small precision brush to blend any harsh lines. Draw two inverted C shapes near the inner corners of your eyes and two C-shaped lines on the nose tip. Then, highlight the sides and bridge of your nose.

Elongate Your Eyes With Eyeshadow Magic

Sweep a dark brown shadow on your upper and bottom lash lines with an angled brush to bring structure to your eyes. Add more visual weight by creating a winged eyeliner. To nail the sparkly eye makeup look, dab some shimmery highlighter and liquid glitter all over the lids, giving it an ethereal vibe. Stick to warm hues like gold, bronze, and champagne to give you all the glow and none of the ashiness.

Draw the Aegyo-Sal

A Douyin look without (a.k.a. 卧蚕 in China) is like a cake without frosting. Whether you have one or not, grab a mini smudge brush and draw a faint line just beneath your undereye. Next, accentuate the center with glitter or a nude eyeshadow that’s one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. 

Clump Your Lashes

The easiest way to have the signature manhua lashes is by gluing a pair of falsies. If fake lashes irritate your eyes or you’re just not a fan of the finish, you can still count on your ever-reliable mascara. Curl your lashes and apply the mascara like you usually do. Next, use a tweezer to clump them together. Don’t forget to do the same steps on your bottom lashes, too!

Blur Your Lips Strategically

Lip-wise, it’s all about rocking a full and upturned pout. Rather than gliding a lip cream all over your smackers, contour your lips with lipstick in a darker shade. After that, blend with your fingers or a small detail brush and top it off with a lighter color.

If you have dark pigmentation around your lips, apply a teeny amount of concealer before adding color to your lip. This will help neutralize the undertone. Already have plump lips? Go ahead and enhance your puckers anyway – the pouty-er, the better!

Pay attention to your teeth as well because a charming and confident smile ties everything together. Brush your pearly whites with closeup Gel Toothpaste with Antibacterial Zinc Red Hot, which has zinc that blasts away up to 99.9% of bacteria. It also protects your mouth from bad breath for up to 12 hours with regular use.

Much like any beauty trend on the internet, practicing Douyin makeup can really test your patience. However, you can quickly master the ropes and make the look with this guide. By combining the tips and hacks above tailored specifically for morena babes, you’ll be camera-ready for your It Girl era in no time.