Asian woman in a striped shirt blowing bubbles outdoors.

In a society enraptured by the Sydney Sweeneys and the Kardashians (Caitlyn Jenner included) of the world, an ample cleavage continues to reign supreme. Throughout history, larger breasts have been considered symbols of wealth and fertility. Many a Renaissance painting features unencumbered voluptuous women, leaving us wondering: what of the woman with a flat chest? Were they doomed to stay in the shadows?

As someone who couldn't fill in a bra in her teen years, I always felt shafted by my boobs. Attending an international school meant there were many girls more genetically gifted than me. While boys were snapping their bra straps, I had no strap to speak of – bralettes didn’t come with straps back then. It was also during this time they bestowed a nickname that would stick for years: “The blackboard.”I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Post-puberty, after I accepted that only a miracle (or silicone)would change my bra size, I was worried that no guy would find me attractive. There were a few outliers, but only after they’d tried their chances with more “gifted” girls. For years, I wished that I could fill out a bikini or the boob part of a boob tube. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve changed my tune. There are many reasons to celebrate having a flat chest, here are some of them:

1. Going Braless is The Best Thing Ever

There’s nothing like living in the Philippines to make you perspire all year round. Top that with an extra layer of clothing, a.k.a. your bra, and you’re bound to have a serious case of underboob . Fortunately for smaller-chested sisters, it’s easier to ditch the jug huggers. Being able to skip a bra means you have a chance to air out your girls, rather than all day long.

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2. You Can Wear Anything

Of course, anybody is free to wear anything they please. However, halter tops with plunging necklines, , bandeaus, and button-down polos do feel more comfortable with a flat chest. Modestly endowed girls feel confident knowing their boobs can sit pretty in almost any style. In fact, a published in the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal showed flat-chested women were more adventurous in their clothing choices because they were not constrained by societal expectations of ample cleavage.

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3. Workout Without Worry

If you love sports, you’ll be happy to know that it‘s easier to do them without boobage in the way. A in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health explained that women’s perceptions of breast comfort significantly impact their participation in . As a flat-chested woman, you can jog without jiggling or swim with vigor knowing your girls won’t pop out. The sporting world is yours! 

4. Nothing Changes Much After Breastfeeding

Many women worry about what happens to . There are many horror stories about the changes after nursing, from to . Here’s the good news: one of the perks of having a flat chest is while others' would grow and sag, boobs that were small before breastfeeding tend to stay the same after. So yes, even if they do inflate a bit with breastmilk and hormones, they’ll eventually return to their usual size. But at least they won’t be saggy!

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How we define beauty shouldn’t be static. Whether you’re itty bitty, buxom or in between, there’s room for all chest sizes. And if you’ve got a flat chest, don’t forget to work it. Enjoy the liberating feeling of being sans bra, playing sports without worry, pulling off outfits most people can’t, and beyond. You may not have the curves, but you’ve got a lot to flaunt.