Asian kids kissing mom in front of Christmas tree while dad looks on.

There are so many reasons to love the holiday season: the marvelous light spectacles, the gifts – both for giving and receiving, the copious amount of food, and, of course, the chance to get together again. And, as the world returns to how it once was, , making Christmas even more special.

Since it’s been so long, you may be trying to remember ways to bond with your family and friends for the holidays. Never fear. Getting closer this Christmas will be a cinch with this guide!

1. Complete Simbang Gabi

This Catholic tradition entails attending mass in the wee hours for nine days straight. The ritual itself is fun, especially when you end up at the food stalls after every mass, indulging in bibingka, puto bumbong, and tsokolate. However, you’ll find that "commiserating" with each other over  and finishing the entire series will create a deeper bond.

2. Feasting With Your Family

Eating with the family is a given during the holiday season. This is formalized in the Philippines with traditions such as Noche Buena and Media Noche. There’s nothing like trading stories over lechon, Christmas ham, queso de bola, and Pinoy spaghetti. Yale University even published a study on how food strengthens bonds – you’re sharing something you need not just for physical sustenance but also emotional comfort.

Make sure you don’t invite bacteria breath to your feast. You may be seeing some people who haven’t met in a while, and you wouldn’t want  to stand in the way of a #CloserChristmas. Brush up with closeup Red Hot Toothpaste. It has Antibacterial Zinc, which helps fight bacteria that cause bad breath, leaving you feeling fresh and confident to start a conversation during the holiday season.

Don’t forget your  after lamon, too. You wouldn’t want to bring all that post-handaan bacteria to the new year.

3. Decorate the Tree Together

The Philippines is world-famous for starting Christmas as early as September (sometimes even August), but there may be a sociological reason for this premature celebration. The Journal of Environmental Psychology reveals that decorating early can make you happier – thanks to the dopamine spike it sets off.

Spread that bliss around by making Christmas decorating a group affair. Assign friends to the tree, and family to the wreaths. Schedule an afternoon to make DIY ornaments. Make gingerbread houses together!

4. Go Caroling

Singing Christmas classics at the top of your lungs has gone out of fashion in the last decade, but you can bring it back. Gather a group, recall your favorite Jose Mari Chan tunes, and stroll around the neighborhood harmonizing “Christmas in Our Hearts.” Tell your family and friends that the ability to sing is optional – what matters more is their Christmas spirit and enthusiasm.

You don’t have to ask for donations for your efforts, but if you do, caroling is a terrific opportunity to do something charitable this Christmas. Did you know that ? Numerous studies confirm that, like exercise, generosity prompts endorphin production, supplying the giver with something called a helper’s high.

5. Make Even the Dull Moments More Festive

Let’s be honest. The holiday season is a mixed bag. While the fun times of feasting always outweigh the pricey travel and cheesy films, you can’t deny that there are cons to the festivities. For one, during this time, heavy traffic is at its peak.

Turn it around and use it to bond instead. After all, no one’s going anywhere. Play car games, belt out Christmas songs, or just take turns talking and catching up. The hours will fly by, and you’ll end up closer. In such small proximity, it’s essential to keep your breath fresh. Diligently use closeup Menthol Fresh Toothpaste to eliminate bad breath-causing bacteria and enjoy the ride!

Get closer this Christmas. Use these tips as a jumping-off point for stronger relationships even after the holiday season! Meanwhile, visit the for products to up your bonding game.