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Novelist-philosopher Novelist-philosopher Aldous Huxley definitely knew his stuff when he said “there’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” In a world constantly beleaguered by uncontrollable circumstances, self-improvement is both the foundation and goal of any change you want to instill in yourself.

Simply put, self-improvement is the commitment to make yourself better through personal doing. It can be as simple as investing in a or much more grand, such as trying something new every day. Ultimately, these actions contribute to helping you become a better person.

Contrary to what some titas may say, “matanda na ako, di ko na kailangan ‘yan,” self-improvement doesn’t have a deadline. It does not matter if you’re 17 or 70. If you aspire to enhance your well-being, then you can reap the benefits of continuously working on yourself. Here are some reasons self-improvement can help you regardless of where you are in life.

The Importance of Self-Improvement

In 2016, Harvard surveyed over 7,000 people and their responses to criticism. Researchers split the reactions into Proving (those who answered on the defensive) and Improving (those who took it as a self-improvement tip). One of their observations showed a correlation between experience and self-awareness. Those who were more conscientious of their actions were more willing to improve them.

This kind of maturity is typical in older people who have understood the significance of constant reassessment and development. However, don’t fret if you think you’re not on the Improving side of the spectrum. According to the study, you will likely transition from Proving to Improving over time. So long as you’re self-aware and you have a can-do attitude, the initiative to better yourself should come naturally.

You Become More Confident.

There’s confidence in knowing that you’re doing your best – or working towards it anyway. The self-awareness that comes with self-improvement will help you enhance your strengths and work on your perceived flaws. And, when you’re actively taking measures to create a better life for yourself, you also .

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It Promotes Self-Love

Self-improvement does require some adjustment, which is why many people think it’s about changing who you are. However, this isn’t a Sandy-in-Grease situation. Self-improvement is ultimately about appreciating your potential and going for it. It’s when you’ve reached a point that you love yourself so much that you’re willing to work to make yourself better.

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A Growth Mindset Creates Opportunities

Whether it’s at work, love, or life in general, having a growth mindset can pave the way to bigger and better opportunities. Consider this scenario: you are a supervisor with two employees under your wing. One of them is set in her ways while the other asks for self-improvement tips. Which one would you prefer?

When you aim for self-improvement, you adopt a growth mindset. You become more accountable and determined. It also encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and take bigger chances.

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You Gain a Sense of Purpose

Diving into self-improvement means you’re working towards a goal – which is to grow as a person. Setting goals offers an entirely new set of benefits for your personal growth, including increased focus and clarity, better motivation, satisfaction, and purpose. These things play a significant role in .

Self-improvement is not a one-time deal. It’s a lifelong commitment to learning and development – and its benefits last just as long. Wherever you are in your life, take your first step towards a better you, now.