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Spaghetti straps tend to reveal a lot, so wearing them requires a bit of prepping if you want your skin to look good. The decolletage, which in the beauty industry means your neck and chest, is particularly exposed. If you’re not used to displaying this part of your body, perhaps some skincare tips will give you that confidence boost. Here are five ways to make your decolletage look good in spaghetti strap outfits, whether online or IRL.

Bring Your Skincare Down

Literally! Note everything you apply on your face, from cleanser to toner and moisturizer, then bring it down to your neck and chest. This area needs just as much TLC since it’s often exposed as well, especially the neck. Cleansing can help rid your decolletage of sweat and bacteria, while moisturizing can improve texture and elasticity. You won’t see the effects immediately, but over time, doing this will improve the appearance of your skin.

Wear Sunscreen!

Have you been slathering on dollops upon dollops of sunscreen on your face, but ignoring your neck and chest? It’s time to change your ways, bestie — especially if you like wearing spaghetti straps, tank tops, and tube tops. The skin on your neck and chest is thinner compared to the rest of your body. This makes it prone to , wrinkles, and other signs of aging. is the easiest way to protect your skin and keep it firm and smooth. 

Exfoliate Regularly

your decolletage once a week is one way to prepare it for spaghetti straps. This process removes dead skin cells that make skin dull and lackluster, revealing fresh glowing skin. Use a gentle body scrub or even a face scrub, and lightly rub your skin in small, circular motions. Once a week is enough for beginners. As your skin builds up a tolerance, you can do this up to three times a week. 

Treat It to Some Actives

Active ingredients aren’t just for the face! Look for brightening   . Vaseline Healthy Bright Gluta Hya Serum Burst Dewy Radiance contains Gluta Glow technology that revitalizes dull skin. It also has Hyaluron, which delivers 10 times the brightening power of Vitamin C while plumping the skin by drawing moisture from the environment. Finally, it improves uneven skin tone with niacinamide, a potent ingredient with brightening and hydrating capabilities. Apply this all over your body for an all-over glow.

Highlight Your Assets

Makeup highlighters are not just for cheekbones — they’re great for emphasizing your collarbones and shoulders too! Provided that you’ve been exfoliating, moisturizing, and treating your skin regularly, consider it prepped for extreme wattage. It will work well not just with spaghetti straps but any outfit that exposes your clavicle or shoulders.

Apply serum lotion on your decolletage and let the formula absorb by patting it onto your skin. Do this gently to prevent redness. Then, choose a highlighter formula that works for you. If it’s a powder, take a powder brush and swipe the product on your collarbone and the balls of your shoulder. You can also apply a cream highlighter with your fingertips or mix powder highlighter with body oil for a full-body glow. 

Now you’re ready to rock those spaghetti straps with confidence, not to mention glowing skin!